Who’s ready 

22 Oct

to return to our reality?

With tragedy there’s assured triumph…


Me, now.

8 Oct

Taking everything in, today. Everyday. All around is to be infused into your story… No reason to not be inspired!!! Enjoy your Sunday!!! Get a leg, two legs, up on Monday!!!!!!


29 Sep

You want can be written.

So stop thinking.

Start writing.


28 Sep

You have words.

They’re YOUR words.

They have value.

Use them.

Or they’re lost.


28 Sep

Invest not just wisely, but genuinely, and never eagerly.

Want to learn something today?

28 Sep

We are all writing something.  Especially when we’re not actually writing—

All moments are tied in some way.

What happens in a classroom is a microcosm for ‘out there’.  That’s why this matters.

You learn by teaching yourself and letting the moment education you on YOU.

Kerouac reminds us that there’s more than just ‘so much to learn out there’, as so many say.  By saying “so much”, you infer a quantity, a set amount.  Knowledge is always immune to limit, number, anything set.


28 Sep

Always motivating and delivering me toward composition.