English 5, 8/27/13 session, REVISIT

27 Aug

Strong analyses today, of Capote’s beginning works in Portraits/Observations.  Already, he reveals interest levels in not only tallied detail, but also in richness, paragraph length, and tonal focus/structure.  What else gives us insight, though, to this Author?  If we were to group these initial pieces, what is Capote saying, DIRECTLY to his readers, through them?

AND, I must say, you all are proving to be strong readers, interpreters, speakers on Literature.  Continue this gallop through the readings.. continue to make these pieces, these topics your own.

Is there anything you’ll like to share with us regarding these first pages, and regarding his varying moods location to location?  Anything you want us to walk away with?  Let’s stay in the flavored focus of Authorial Intent, or what Capote wants us to do, wants to say, with his writings.  There has to be something with which he wants US to walk away.

One Response to “English 5, 8/27/13 session, REVISIT”

  1. Cynthia August 28, 2013 at 12:04 am #

    I immediately liked the way he wrote about Haiti, his word choices were calmer. I found it interesting that the poorest country he visited, so far, had the person he most admired. Hyppolite’s rejection of material comforts raise him up in Capote’s eyes. Then his words are beautiful as he describes the view from his terrace. He is also impressed with the “dignity and tenderness” of the Haitian’s small gifts. I think Capote is enjoying being away from his own extravagant lifestyle.

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