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English 1A..

30 Sep

… What are you taking away from ‘Glass Castle’ so far? Any ideas or observations you want to share with us?

Possible paper topics?

English 5 note…

30 Sep

Good morning, colleagues…

Just wanted to see where everyone was in their second project’s development. Hopefully you’re settled on an artist. If you don’t find yourself inspired by my prompt, of something that could help others, then exercise onus.. Take it in your own direction.

This second paper is meant to see what you find on your own, so by all means.. Assign yourself a new direction if you’re inclined so.

Keep reading, writing, and I’ll see you Tuesday..



Start, then Throw

28 Sep

Good Morning Colleagues…

What’s your favorite time of day.. Morning, Night, Afternoon? And for you writers, when do most like to scribble?
English 1A students, feel free to respond to English 5-ers, and vice versa. Tell us precisely what about your time of day suites YOUR collective character..

Cheers from the vineyard,


ENGLISH 5: 9/24/13 Session Revisit

25 Sep

Thank you all for such an energetic session today, regarding your research findings and potential authors for our latest project.  If you wouldn’t mind.. please leave a couple quotes below along with your interpretation of them (from some, or all, of the pieces you found).  Why do you find them (the quotes, the piece they’re from..) valuable, and/or helpful?  Also, feel free to leave a question or two (regarding your quote[s], or an idea contained within).  Remember, the aim of this assignment is to not only seek kinship with an author, or authors, but to strength the community amongst the/your colleagues.

My Question:  Is your research teaching you anything?  Since this is an exercise in Self-education.. what have you taught yourSelf?  What are you learning from these new authors?  How are you doing as an educator of SELF?


ENGLISH 1A, not-so-in-class essay.. ‘Glass Castle’

25 Sep

Of all the themes that I offered last week, or new ones you’re noticing, what do you think Ms. Walls is dealing with most in this book?  So many confessions, it seems, for the sake of telling others a certain “truth.” Why would she be doing this?  What do you think is her TRUEST motivation?

PLEASE, in your response below, DIRECTLY answer the questions above.  Feel free to incorporate your reaction to the first 41 pages.  Where are you connecting with Walls?  I will award points (10 possible) on levels of depth, description, and energy of reaction.

To me, I’m seeing somewhat of a Portrait, a lecture to the fortunate AND unfortunate…



note, Mocha

23 Sep

Don’t fall victim to
Formalism’s fangs–
You don’t always need sentences,
Notes can be enough..
Random scribbles, thoughts–
Napkin, scratch paper, your hand,
Worry about structure later.
Permanency will find your
Don’t force it.

Allow never ideas
Trap them.

9/23/13, 9:08am

Precipitated, Precipitation

21 Sep

weather, wishing writing–
Quiet, travel not.. Staying,
running only into song, ink apples,
safe seraphic ally, kissed into
chocolate math, ‘nother cloud,
soft blusters surround new Now–
Sifting in sense, incensed, through
Another storm.. Welcomed. Dance around puddles.. Expanded green,
skip scene–


(Sorry.. Just wanted to share with you, colleagues, how I reacted to the rain. Hope you’re all having a nice weekend, writing when you can, and just enjoying YOUR time. Cheers, and I’ll see you all Tuesday. If you have been writing, feel free to share your page(s) below…)

Can’t Sleep, so write…

20 Sep

Easier said than done, I know.  But don’t writers write whenever they have the chance?  Yes, you all just submitted your first “formal” essay for the term.  But do any of you write when you can’t sleep?  I can’t remember who, and in which class.. but one of you said you woke from dormancy, then sprang into scribbles.

Do forgive my randomness, but I find the relationship between writing habits, especially those obsessive, and sleep, proverbially interesting.

How many of you have ever randomly risen in night’s hours wee, then erupted into writing?  How did it feel?  What did you write?

And if you’ve never done this before, I dare you to try it!  Submit it to me, to us.. and if it shows luminously, I’ll share it here on maddenedread [with your permission, of course].

Oh how I wish I could sleep write now–  Okay, meant to say ‘right now’.  Shows you how tired I am.  And how obsessive I am with my pages.

Either way, I’d like to thank you all for submitting your essays today.  I know Capote and Faulkner are tough.  That’s precisely why I conditioned you with such from onset, so the remaining authors would show with more syncopation, float more universally.

Please continue to support each other here on maddenedread, and share your thoughts whenever you feel so.  Enjoy your evening, weekend, and writings.  Only exciting exercises, readings at bow.

English 5…  Ms. Plath is waiting…..

English 1A…  Are your ready for The Raven?


English 1A: Before ‘Glass Castle’ …

18 Sep

What do think about the notion of family?  How far would you go for yours?  And, as a Literary device, or theme, or topic, what do you think ‘family’ does?  What I mean to ask is, “Does the mere mention of family make a piece more engaging, or valuable.. significant?”

Also, what are some stories of struggle you’ve heard, firsthand?  I’m not asking you to divulge anything that’s happened to you, but rather stories of others’ hardships, from which you’ve learned, or grown, or matured, possibly, in some way.

This next piece we’ll be reading is loaded with topics entirely universal.  A book filled with perpetually piled pathos, ‘Glass Castle’ can only turn us; evoke, emote.

So, what I’d like you to note here [below], before I assign pages to read, Thursday:  Any story, concerning family, struggle, combination therein/of, that would reach a universal audience, perhaps teaching them something, giving them something with which to walk away.

Exercise your right to tell a story, reach one of your colleagues…

Write well!


English 5: STORIES.. more stories.. readers & writers

17 Sep

IS there a story you’ve always wanted to tell, but haven’t?  OR, is there someone else’s story that gripped you so profoundly you could swear they wrote it for you, or so that you, or someone like you, having gone through what you have, could learn, grow from it?  Tell us, either way.  What is it about the Art of storytelling keeps the Human condition so marvelously maintained?

Stories comprise the Human Experience.. what we pass down verbally, what’s written, and many times simply what IS.

And, another question:  IF one writes a “true” story, with intent of it being sold, or published [which is the same thing], does that compromise the teller’s credibility?  There.  I’m done.  Just wanted to engage you all in storytelling’s lift, how it impacts us.  And, if you want, below.. tell us a story if you didn’t in class.