Can’t Sleep, so write…

20 Sep

Easier said than done, I know.  But don’t writers write whenever they have the chance?  Yes, you all just submitted your first “formal” essay for the term.  But do any of you write when you can’t sleep?  I can’t remember who, and in which class.. but one of you said you woke from dormancy, then sprang into scribbles.

Do forgive my randomness, but I find the relationship between writing habits, especially those obsessive, and sleep, proverbially interesting.

How many of you have ever randomly risen in night’s hours wee, then erupted into writing?  How did it feel?  What did you write?

And if you’ve never done this before, I dare you to try it!  Submit it to me, to us.. and if it shows luminously, I’ll share it here on maddenedread [with your permission, of course].

Oh how I wish I could sleep write now–  Okay, meant to say ‘right now’.  Shows you how tired I am.  And how obsessive I am with my pages.

Either way, I’d like to thank you all for submitting your essays today.  I know Capote and Faulkner are tough.  That’s precisely why I conditioned you with such from onset, so the remaining authors would show with more syncopation, float more universally.

Please continue to support each other here on maddenedread, and share your thoughts whenever you feel so.  Enjoy your evening, weekend, and writings.  Only exciting exercises, readings at bow.

English 5…  Ms. Plath is waiting…..

English 1A…  Are your ready for The Raven?


8 Responses to “Can’t Sleep, so write…”

  1. Hunter Moore September 20, 2013 at 5:21 am #

    I never can sleep, almost alway up till 3 and not always by choice. I dont usally write though, mostly listen to music, work on projects, and sometimes just think, like tonight. On the bus having just spent 2 hourse coding has me thinking tonight. Trying to imagine all the little string and lines a little pulse moves along to make a code, all the laws and algorithms that make basic logic. Imagining all the lines and dots and patterns used to represent anything from arithmetic to complex logic. Night time is when lots of people seam to be their most creative and they can explore their deeper thoughts. I love being a night owl!

  2. Mercedes DeMartini September 21, 2013 at 12:03 am #

    Ever since I’ve been a child, sleeping was never my strong point. Growing up I constantly sleepwalked around the house, not just walking, but also locking the doors of our house. I also sleep-talked which mainly was yelling because of nightmares. I constantly woke up or would stay up ages lying in bed with too many thoughts and ideas replaying in my mind… now the sleepwalking and talking have ceased. However, my horrible sleeping issues have not.
    Although I have done random things in my room when I can’t sleep, like clean my room, finish more homework, listen to music while folding clothes at 2am, I have never really scribbled my thoughts. Mainly because I’m too exhausted to form coherent sentences, yet my mind is not exhausted enough to rest. I should try it next time! No, I will try it next time, which will probably be tonight or possibly tomorrow night. Sleep eludes me, darkness is comforting, sometimes I like being unable to sleep because I feel like I have this secret going on with the night sky. The stars overhead watch my endless movement of constantly spending time on an activity. There never is enough time during the day, so being stuck late at night is often very useful. However, not sleeping is so depriving to the mind and body – from being mentally exhausted with stressing over my life to being physically exhausted (normally why I constantly get sick). My sleeping habits can change depending on the day, the night before, how hard I worked out, whether my melatonin supplements have kicked in, etc. Not only do I need to take melatonin to at least somewhat rest my body for the few hours I sometimes sleep, I need the fan on and my sound maker. The downside of not sleeping, is that I’m actually a morning person. I love being up early and starting my day with an early run and a post coffee or smoothie treat. But constantly being up late hinders my next days, physically and emotionally.
    However, the next time I’m up late at night cleaning my room, I’ll take a moment to write my thoughts – and see what thoughts surface themselves.

  3. jake farney September 21, 2013 at 2:03 pm #

    After sleeping peacefully, dwelling in a realm of dreams that if others were to venture into and see would find themselves in a state of confusion to say the least, an intrusive pain slices through my tranquil slumber. A reminder that only two weeks ago I was indeed sliced into. Of course going against the instruction to sleep upright,(a position in which sleep is only found when the mind is clouded and the by body weakened by ones closet friends after surgery; painkillers) I try my luck sleeping in a position in which I find sleep to be a bit less elusive. Clearly my luck ran out.
    It was always in my opinion (and best interest) that getting a good night’s rest is very important, trying, in an unfailing manner, to be in bed before ten every night. For without sleep how does one expect to operate on both a physical and mental level in which they can achieve their full potential? For tomorrow, most certainly I will find my thoughts to be lacking, and my actions most sloth like and strained. And as Mercedes said earlier this evening, it is most unfortunate to be unable to sleep when an individual cherishes their early morning rituals. As most often they are hindered if not entirely bypassed when one fails to achieve a good night’s rest. As the saying goes “early to bed early to rise”.
    In the first hour that I wake the tone is quite that of an optimist. With thoughts like the pain will fade, and that oh you’ll be tired enough. So I set out seeking a position that might alleviate some of my pain. A position I soon find out to be incredibly evasive. For each time I find that “comfortable” spot in which the pain subsides, the relief is fleeting and the pain comes charging back stronger with each breath I take. Then I try, unsuccessfully, to take my mind off the pain on the internet; news, facebook, and maybe some unmentionable things. Four hours in, the pain more prevalent than ever, the mind begins to wander. Awake early in the morning a bit delirious and with wandering thoughts is not a good place to be. Especially so when one is in pain, whether it be emotional or physical. It is now when all the “what ifs”, missed chances, lost loved ones, and many other similar thoughts begin to creep in. but before dwelling on these I happened to check maddenedread and now here I am. Four and a half hours later at 6:30 A.M. writing. Anyways I’ve been rambling long enough and the old friends are begging to kick in, so good morning y’all see ya in class tuesday

  4. shannon September 23, 2013 at 2:39 am #

    Writing is not my preferred medium, but i am all too familiar with waking in the night to quickly sketch my latest design. Working with clay is my craft driven by something outside of my control, to borrow a description from William Faulkner. I have found that some of my most unique ideas come when I am falling asleep or dreaming. I have closed my eyes telling myself i will sketch it out in the morning only to wake knowing I had something I thought was great, but it is gone now. I now sleep with a sketch book on my bedside table.

    For our “favorite season” writing assignment I choose to write about fall in New England, Maine to be exact. I spent several months there during the cooler season. I found the experience of trying to capture the beauty so difficult to explain, my words could not do it justice. I decided to give it more time and make it the basis of my flash fiction story. While falling asleep that night with visions of orange and red leaves coupled with the calm ocean waves caressing the shore, dancing in my mind, I sat up from an almost sleep to jot down a description I had been struggling to give words all day.

    Now my journal sits next to my sketch book on my night stand.

  5. Cheyanne September 24, 2013 at 7:01 pm #

    I have trouble sleeping often, I get stuck in my thoughts all scrambled and before I know it, it’s three in the morning and I’ve gotten nowhere. I think writing at night could be very useful. I have never tried it but I am definitely going to! I think it would be a good way to try and unscramble whatever’s in my mind especially late at night. It could help to just get it down on paper so it is out of me and clear from my mind. I have always enjoyed writing for english class but I never really just write on my own. I am feeling inspired to do so!

  6. Lila C. Sisk-Popow September 25, 2013 at 8:05 am #

    Well, here I am. Unable to sleep as usual. I tend to write my thoughts as habit as a way of sorting through problems or frustrations, so writing to “help me sleep” doesn’t always provide the proper relaxation. I’m definitely a night owl so as much as I love sleep, I wish I could do without. I listen to Clair de Lune by Claude Debussy or Gymnopédie No. 1 by Finghin Collins or the sounds of rain. It’s no more silly than sleeping with a light on. I wish it wasn’t such a hazard to sleep with candles lit, but alas, catching my apartment on fire doesn’t seem ideal. Easier said than done to clear your head, but to be able to focus on one thing to relax is really frustrating on it’s own. I also try to make it a routine to take a hot shower before bed, just to relax the muscles and feel clean from the stresses of the day.

    • Cheyanne September 25, 2013 at 5:38 pm #

      Hey, have you heard of Blackmill? Their music is always the perfect cure for restlessness. It is super relaxing and helps me fall asleep when I am having trouble! Check it out sometime 🙂

      • Hunter Moore September 25, 2013 at 5:44 pm #

        I love balckmill! Couldnt agree more. I used to take the nigt bus to marin or sanfran and thats what i would always listen to!

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