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No Walls with Jeannette Walls

30 Oct

Of the ideas I offered, concerning dominant themes in ‘Glass Castle’, what are you observing thus far? About the family, how they live.. The subject of rich vs poor? What can tell us about how Walls’ book has been delivered to a reader, through these introductory pages?

Have a great day, colleagues…

Glass Castle book purchase link.. Buy Your Books!!!

27 Oct

Here’s a link for ‘Glass Castle’.. Thanks to our colleague, Ms. Katherine!!

Here is the link I told you about:

Poe Lab, journaling

26 Oct

Poe observations? What direct messages, or ideas, is he putting on the page? For this upcoming Poe Project, please be in the habit of typing your reactions, one for each piece. Don’t worry about length, just think of this typed journal as you documenting your journey through his collection of works.

In the end, I will be able to read your observations, reactions…

Don’t allow yourself to fall behind! Please write/type for each Poe piece!!


Saturday morning…

26 Oct

Capture moment. In
verse.. Or poem.
Whichever tastes better?
brings more rain.
Keeps away the
whatever holds grin for
role in this


Over Coffee…

23 Oct

About to leave for work. Not in the mood, but I go.
Any of you dealing with this?
If so,
Write about it.

I dare you.


English 1A, weekend assignment (10/18/13)

23 Oct

Please look for the beauty in Poe’s writing, even when it begins to darken, turn to the seemingly morbid…
And with your drafts, for ‘Glass Castle’, feel free to post what you have below for workshopping, or email me directly.


Please read the introduction in the Poe book, as well as the first three poems that follow.

Please post your reactions below for formal Response credit (by class Tuesday).

Have a great weekend..

ps– please keep typing your Glass Castle papers, bring what you have to class on Tuesday.


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Metered Question for you ALL

22 Oct

While waiting for takeout,
I’ll write. Obsessive or
Passionate? What’s more harmful–
And is there a difference?
Is there a ‘too far’
with what cooks a smile?
Sure this could be OVERthought,
but it could also be, quite
So let do

When do we know it’s
time to slow?