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A Note…

28 Nov

Good day, colleagues…
Again, have a wonderful Thanksgiving.. Eat well, and be safe!!
Push forward quite fervently with your final projects!! Feel free to post here what you’ve written, or even brainstormed. Make a point with this paper.. One stronger than in any other paper you’ve written for your class. Feel free to comment on and engage each other’s work. Would love to see English 1A students engage English 5-ers. And vice versa!! In any event, enjoy your holiday and your writing!


24 Nov

Scribe your own set
And be sure it
Explodes from
Your writing.

1A 11/21/13, Session Revisit

22 Nov

First thing: please give ‘Purloined Letter’ a second read.  There has to be something we’re missing.  OR, something Poe intends with this seemingly development-less tale.  We have two returning characters, Dupin and the unnamed narrator.  So???  And what is it about a letter?  What can a letter embody, especially from “royalty”? And the characters, this skirmish of senses between the prefect, Dupin, and narrator.. is this suggestive of something, perhaps a message we’ve seen before from Mr. Poe?

And with your Poe Projects, due of course Tuesday (26NOV), please feel free to exercise some of the creative content and formatting we saw last night in our workshop.  Don’t forget about you, the one doing the reading/analysis!  Feel at liberty to speak first-person about how certain messages, symbols, characters made themselves known to you.. what YOU believe they mean.  And PLEASE…  Don’t forget to title your project, as a whole!  This project is supposed to be a written document, a diary, of your journey through Mr. Poe’s works.  Be thorough.. be tenacious!  Own your mini-book of Poe reactions, and demonstrate your understanding through your paragraphs.

AND…  Syntactic variety!  Don’t forget to use a variation of words, especially adjectives, as Mr. Poe did.

Plague Personification and The Prince’s Complicity

20 Nov

We have these characters in a structure.  Contained, confined.  And they are confined because Prospero has locked them in.  And yes, while this could be interpreted as ‘well-intentioned’, he did assign these characters their final location.  Even if unknowingly.  And with the personification of death, in the plague’s actuality, we have a figure featureless; a ghost, like we many times see in Poe’s work, hunting people, murdering.  This consistency of vengeance in ‘Red Death’ could be interpreted as more evidence of Poe’s foul estimation of Human Beings.  And in this structure, the characters are no more than feed for this animated and tangible Death.  Does Poe think they deserve to die?  More than likely, yes.  “Most unusual magnificence,” indeed.

By stating the Prince is complicit, that asserts he had a role in all these deaths.  Well, didn’t he?  Again, yes, maybe unknowingly.  Or maybe not.  He knew it was coming, that is was out there, encroaching.  And sure enough, it found them.  All.  The masquerade, while festive and seemingly civil, provides only momentary distraction, sedation. Yes, I’ll agree that this is generous, but I also offer that this just as well weakens the other characters just before their respective falls, as they’re pretending rather than confronting a realistic present.  This is also characteristic of characters as self-elevating as Prospero.  Maybe that’s why Poe killed him first…

In the face of death, we can either act or adhere to actuality, embrace the scenes before us.  This, too, is one of Poe’s intentions with this piece.  Consider what a mask does.. it disguises, it’s for the purpose of hiding something, pretending, assuming a pervasive fiction.  And isn’t it interesting that the guests succumb after Prospero, that even though he never witnessed their ends, they still met finality as a result of being locked in that structure, in that locale, where he was.  With all dead, death is even more personified, with the visual of a peppered deathbed.  “Peppered,” with lifeless shells.


Journal Check, the final reads…

19 Nov

…will be done the last day, that of the final. So write for your lives!! And enjoy your writing! Still hoping to read some Creative pieces from you all.. Be it flash fiction, a short story, poetry… I’m ready when you are. Let yourself be seen through page.

Question of sorts…..

16 Nov

I know it’ll be different day to day, but where does your mind go, usually, when you first wake up?

Narrative Knife

16 Nov

Poe loves playing with narrative, especially with one unnamed.  Why does he do this?  And, what is his intended psychological impact in doing so, especially with ‘Pit & Pendulum’?  Remember what I said: “Mr. Poe doesn’t want to scare us, he wants to be in our heads, and stay there.” His narrative command, I believe, proves demonstrative of that.  What do you think?  Does this add to his genre?  His HORROR?

Also…  How do you rate the ‘Poe-ness’ of “Eleonora”?  What was Poe’s intention with this lovely piece?  Think of mentality, the role of women in his work, and the notion of TIME…  He gave us a puzzle to solve with her, so let’s begin…

Have a great weekend, and write well!



English 5, 11/14/13 Class Revisit

15 Nov

Thank you all for a great session yesterday! Why don’t we keep that momentum going here… Additional thought on the ideas offered yesterday by myself, and the colleagues.

Also, which way are you leaning with this ‘Onus Expansion’? Feel free to write a paper solely on ‘Glass Castle’, possibly exploring elements like poverty, child endangerment… Self-reliance, family government.. When children and parents unknowingly [or knowingly] rotate respective roles… Either way, I’m quite excited to read which way you’re being pulled.

Enjoy your day, my foremost scholars! Write well…


1A– Response Prompt

9 Nov

Which of the two stories that were assigned is the most “Poe”? And by phrasing it that way, I mean that Poe is his own descriptor, his own genre, qualifier and category. Between ‘Rue Morgue’ and ‘Maelstrom’, which is most true to our Author’s form? However YOU, the reader, define it.

English 5, Response Prompt

8 Nov

Good morning….

Please post your responses to the most recent reading in ‘Glass Castle’, here.. Focus on the family element, the kids, how the parents govern them.

Also, feel free to submit your findings on Poe. Whatever you have so far…

Cheers, colleagues, and enjoy your day!

Remember, no class on Tuesday!