1A 11/21/13, Session Revisit

22 Nov

First thing: please give ‘Purloined Letter’ a second read.  There has to be something we’re missing.  OR, something Poe intends with this seemingly development-less tale.  We have two returning characters, Dupin and the unnamed narrator.  So???  And what is it about a letter?  What can a letter embody, especially from “royalty”? And the characters, this skirmish of senses between the prefect, Dupin, and narrator.. is this suggestive of something, perhaps a message we’ve seen before from Mr. Poe?

And with your Poe Projects, due of course Tuesday (26NOV), please feel free to exercise some of the creative content and formatting we saw last night in our workshop.  Don’t forget about you, the one doing the reading/analysis!  Feel at liberty to speak first-person about how certain messages, symbols, characters made themselves known to you.. what YOU believe they mean.  And PLEASE…  Don’t forget to title your project, as a whole!  This project is supposed to be a written document, a diary, of your journey through Mr. Poe’s works.  Be thorough.. be tenacious!  Own your mini-book of Poe reactions, and demonstrate your understanding through your paragraphs.

AND…  Syntactic variety!  Don’t forget to use a variation of words, especially adjectives, as Mr. Poe did.

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