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Play notes /-/

26 Dec

Plath: her direction, one of play; no particular goal…

Evidence: form, images, wordplay.

Writing Assignment

26 Dec

1,000 words, but spread it throughout the day, several sittings… Over several hours, locations if possible.

Submit the next day..

What did you observe?
Did your voice change?

Lecture Notes

26 Dec

Intent of poetry, poetics–
Narration.. Story.
Reader guidance, ushering…
Recording textual findings,
Authorial intent.
Reader aims…


Plath’s Atlas

20 Dec

In Plath’s poetry, we find instructional rhythm; That is, a poetic pace meant to reveal valuable sight to a grand audience.

What do you find in her work?

Dearest English 5 Colleagues,

19 Dec

My thanks, for such an electric semester.  I hope you walk away with an enhanced writing habit, appreciation for literature…  But more than anything, an admiration for your own creative and cognitive abilities.  Know that you are always permitted, and should be encouraged, to make a topic your own.  Always question.  Always exercise your right to make statements; defend your convictions; catapult your mind to the discussion, never allowing anyone to think, certainly not speak, for you.

But most importantly, take something away from your academic experience, for you.  YOUR Self.  Scribe your own set of conditions, and everything will prove luminous!  And enjoy.  I’ve always been told, “You have to have fun.” Life is ever-short; shortened, shortening.  Brief.  Cruelly so.  Let the realization of the moment’s antithesis push you to promise.  And I, as your former instructor, promise that only perfection’s plumes self-present to you, the student; author; reader; thinker.

Be well, and know I’m only a letter away…

Mike Madigan

a note

18 Dec

Thank you all for a fun semester! Enjoy your breaks… I shall have the final grades up within a week, hopefully!!

If you’re interested, tell me how you think you did, for a little added credit, by emailing me a 500 word response/SELF-assessment! Again, this is only if you’re interested, but I would certainly be interested to hear from all of you, reading your evaluations of yourselves, thoroughly reflecting upon YOUR performances, as it pertains to our English 1A section.

But either way, enjoy your break!! It was an honor working with you all.

Mike Madigan

Tomorrow’s Submissions

16 Dec

Please take time to edit your work! I highly encourage that you all read your drafts several times before even thinking of submitting! Please remember to look for balance about your paragraphs, and that they establish and maintain Coherence thought your composition.. Make sure it’s exceptionally COMPOSED.

Thank you all for an enriched, resourceful, and reviving semester! Do stay in touch and contact me if there’s something you need.