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28 Jan

With writing– take a breath, take many. Walk
away, return
when you’re

Have a great day, dearest colleagues. See you come morrow.

Yours, Loyally,

27 Jan

When tired, you must keep moving, keep your story moving.

Some of my notes…

27 Jan

More address of the writer’s perils, in this last reading…


Alcohol: what it does, how Hemingway notices the impact of substance on relationships.

Does Hemingway begin to see himself above these characters, like he’d never have any of this happen to him?

These short “declarative” sentences, have a very pronounced impact in this last reading, more so than the past pages…

What does he want readers to think about his observations?


25 Jan

Was wonderful seeing you all the other day.  Please be ready for next week, as we’ll begin to develop topics for sakes of longer papers.. we’ll also be talking about matters away from the texts.  Why?  To dissect issues, be prepared to vocalize our insight.

This class, whether English 5 or 100, is meant to show you that YOU, the writer/reader/student/Human, have words and thoughts that deserve appreciation.  That deserve readerships.  And as it is that we’re all writing a story this semester, it’s ever more needed that you fear nothing– that you civilly offer your ideas to your colleagues.

Please understand, and believe me, when I write:  I am here.  For.  You.  That’s it.  I want you to grow and be emboldened by your own ideas.  Yes, we’ll work on mechanics, fundamentals, essay organization…  But before we can do that, you have to have ideas.  Your ideas.  And I am here for you, as are your colleagues.

On a note to just the side:  Let me read your journals!  Show how your using them, that you’re contributing meaningful and useful content, for your benefit!  The journal is a beautiful thing I and my past students have found.  Show me what you’ve written, and I’ll log some Attendance & Activity points into the “gradebook” (ugh, hate that word).

In any light, thank you all again, and see you in the week that approaches.

Loyally Yours,


Good Evening, Colleagues [both classes…]

21 Jan

How are your readings going?  I do hope that you all enjoyed your day off, today, but just as well began your own stories, with this first sizable assignment.  Write in your journals, come to class with not only observations, but QUESTIONS for each other.

English 5:  How is Hemingway progressing as a writer, for you?  What does his attitude seem like?  Which chapters are saying the most about him as a person, as a writer?  And…  How do his surroundings play a role in his development, his Creative disposition?  And favorite passages…?

English 100:  Of all the short pieces we read, which one speaks the most to you, personally?  And, why?  Do you connect it to something in your past, your present?


English 5, English 100: A question…

14 Jan

I have to ask:  How will you contribute to the story; that of your class, for yourSelf, for what’s to be at the end of the term read?  What do you want to say?  What do you hope to experience, see, write?  How will this story progress…..


Note, 1/6/14

7 Jan

Is anyone out there writing? If so, what? I’d love to know, workshop, share feedback… Let’s start a Literary maelstrom with our manuscripts!


Notes to self (teaching)

2 Jan

Next semester: challenge the
word ‘literature’– use ‘writing’, or ‘text’
Instead, see how students react, to
conceptual overtones… (English 5)

The story being written: our semester’s
mentality… (Both classes)

Consider ‘Moveable Feast’ as a
collection of independent pieces,
not a continuous work (consider as
continuous at book’s completion)