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2/26/14… ENGLISH 100

27 Feb

-Priorities.. how in the book and society, priorities are skewed…

-Excessive  moving: geographic instability

-Neglectful parenting.. how it damages the children

-Alcoholism in a parent, or both parents…  the roles it creates in the family (i.e., the enabler, the hero, the scapegoat)

-Disrespect and discrimination…  judgment, perception, dismissal

-Parental consistency…

-Different parental strategies, and them having positive/negative RESULTS

-Nature vs Nurture???  How is the character determined???

Please add your thoughts, assistance, feedback to your colleagues.. AND, feel free to offer your AOE, if you haven’t already…


25 Feb

Please post your focuses, and a brief explanation thereof, below…

Thank you!!


Clocked Cauldron

21 Feb

Today, only hearing my voice–
forcing it so.. And
the tape isn’t acknowledged.
Instant slip, rejection,
seeing edge, but I
Can fly. Rested in recipe,
run to a bullion bay, equation
evasion. More rhythmic than
expected number lanes.
It’s all mine, ours. Page exposed–
storm, disrupt, louder. What can They
Shape anew. Elevation, mountain. Post.



20 Feb

What did the Plath poem I shared with you all mean, in your mind/”opinion”?  What is she saying?  What’s her attitude?  Please cite evidence from the poem to support your argument.  And with equal emphasis, how does it make YOU feel?  The strongest entry is promised to enjoy an elevated reward, please know…



ENGLISH 5– agenda for 2/19/14

18 Feb

We’ll start with addressing the mentality in Bell Jar, both with the characters, setting, and Plath herself.

Then, we’ll explore psychoanalytic theory, it’s application and usefulness in a text like this.

I’ll also be revealing your scores for the last blog response, then talk a little about what’s ahead in the term.

Hope you all had a nice restful 3-day weekend, and I’ll see you tomorrow..



13 Feb

Talk to me about the settings in ‘Bell Jar’… What are their impacts on the characters…?


13 Feb

What did you find in the library?