20 Feb

What did the Plath poem I shared with you all mean, in your mind/”opinion”?  What is she saying?  What’s her attitude?  Please cite evidence from the poem to support your argument.  And with equal emphasis, how does it make YOU feel?  The strongest entry is promised to enjoy an elevated reward, please know…



One Response to “ENGLISH 100”

  1. Savannah February 24, 2014 at 4:53 am #

    Sylvia Plaths poem for me meant a woman going back to work, another day, another working day. Maybe she loves the icebox for it keeps her lunch, her personal time even though she is working.
    “The smile of iceboxes annihilates me. Such blue currents in the veins of my loved one!”(1) Her poem is a little cold feeling with some angst against the job, or the way people live, or maybe how she is forced to live? Day to day, working the same old way, knowing everything by the back of your hand, nothing new ever comes around. She seems slightly bored, almost as though she is trying to create excitement by creating life-like machines in her mind. Roles that they play to get through her day with less torment of the work load, creating a happy mental place.
    “From her lips ampersands and percent signs Exit like Kisses. It is Monday in her mind: morals”(2)
    This poem was awkward at first, reading it through a few times, unraveling it for myself I have come to love it! Her simplicity of the poem and the wording was a bit off putting but I love her metaphorical meanings. It reminds me of some of the poems I used to write, using a lot of metaphorical wording for my poems. This also inspired me to start writing poetry once more, words of encouragement. “O heart, such disorganization! The stars are flashing like terrible numerals.”(6)
    Her attitude in this poem is of an accepting, excited, and against the world she is in. Maybe she is not satisfied with the way her life is, or how society depicts how your life should be. The roles you should take one, the way you should deal with your life. Her tone seems cheerful, or maybe wishfully cheerful. I find her attitude to be bitter sweet with this poem, her enjoyment of creating living machines, yet things are cold, and questionable.
    This poem makes me feel a bit antsy and excited, as though I have gone to work and I am already dreaming of being off. Yet, I find some amusement and excitement with the machines I am working with, making them come to life! To entertain me while I keep up with the tasks of the day, until lunch, or even better…clocking out! I feel that it is a delightfully dreadful poem; with her words she conveys a dark side to her thinking of the day. It’s a bitter sweet poem for me as though not fully accepting your duties but adjusting to them, realizing some things you may wish to stay blind too. This poem was very difficult for me at first, I did not appreciate her style of writing or the way it was put together. The more I read the more I began to take it apart and analyze it, realizing that I really love this poem. It is fantastic, the structure of it is a style I’ve grown to like, I really like her metaphorical wording and how she makes machines seem to come alive to you. She has a wonderful way of making you feel cold, and slightly bored and curious of if this is how it is supposed to be. How she brings the machines to life with a cold monotone ideal to them, her cheerful excitement that is all wrapped into one comes out to be this beautiful composition of a poem.

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