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English 5….

22 Apr

How’s the writing going, for the Final Submission?

English 100…

22 Apr

How did the research go? What did you unearth?


21 Apr

Due: May 19, 2014, at 10AM

Length: 5-6 Pages (Not including cover page and works cited page)

Outside Sources: 2-3

For our last paper, you can either write a critical paper on ‘Gatsby’, or an editorial, or position paper on a current event (meaning, an event from the day of this assignment’s announcement, or close thereto, or some topic that’s been in the news for some time). Whatever you select, I would not waste time! Begin brainstorming, conducting research!

I will only award “A” to papers that demonstrate a special ownership and control over their topic… So get started immediately! Put yourself in a position where you have control over your writing with this last submission.. in that your figure out what precisely it is you want to say…

There is no set, or itemized, rubric for this final paper. I will be grading on the basis of coherence, balance, and incorporation of outside sources.


21 Apr


Final Submission —


“Who are you?”

Length: 5-6 pages

Due: May 19, 2014, 7AM

Precisely…  Who are you after this semester? Write your story for the semester, with some message, lesson, or value in mind, and that persists through your piece. What you went through, both inside and away from academia. How did you evolve, strengthen? How were you challenged?

At some point in your story, I’d like you to make a correlation to one of the authors we read this semester, referencing their book and/or the research you conducted. SHOW, through narration, imagery, and even dialogue, how you identify with their progression as a character– YES! I wrote that right… The AUTHOR as a CHARACTER.

What you’ll submit:

1 – Title Page

2 – Quote in center of 2nd page, from your selected author; bold, 22-38 pt font, in center of page

3 – The story itself…..

I would also advise you look back through the manuscripts we’ve read, and find the passages that gripped you most strongly. Why was the writing effective in holding your attention? Why did that passage hold so much meaning for the author’s story? This assignment is very much about writing your story, yes, but showing what you’ve learned from one of the masters we’ve read, discussed.

The only way a writer can be strong within his/her own Craft is if they’ve read. A lot.

How You’ll Be Graded:

1 – Structure

2 – Narration

3 – Showing vs Telling; details

4 – Mechanics

5 – Language, Word Choice

Both classes….

17 Apr

Final submission prompts will be posted tonight… Sorry for the delay…


Morning Walk

15 Apr

What are you
What are
Are you moving?
Please move.
Don’t let

a poem…..

11 Apr

Another scene,
Movie on pause,
Wires around sight,
No electricity,
Only plans.