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20 May

Responding to it begs interest, and I would argue an elevated interest.  One can’t merely read and walk away, approach the page with some sedated scope.  There has to be connection, and that’s what we’re able to do with our Reader-Response mode, lamenting our positions and perspectives.  We, as readers, make the Literature what it is, with our reactions, our curiosities and passions.  As Hemingway’s pinnacle aim was truth, and those ‘truest sentences’, so should be our thought rhythm with our genuine intention to read, and read with mission– to know ourselves, our own thoughts and what we think are convictions or beliefs– to know.  We’re reacting, responding, to ourselves, to our own critical voice.  -5/20/14

Semester’s Close.. Our Story’s End

15 May

Good Morning, Colleagues…

Thank you all again for an amazing semester.  Just a reminder:  English 5-ers, you need to submit the assessment of your rough draft, along with the rough draft itself, and of course your final draft, at 7AM.. SHARP, MONDAY, 5/19/14.

100:  Please bring the assessment you wrote in class on Wednesday along with your final draft on Monday, 10AM.. SHARP.  Also MONDAY, 5/19/14.

And after this term ends, I hope you all continue to exercise your writing, reading, and freethinking.  Never allow anyone to speak for you, or tell you what a text means, or tell you what you should think, be convinced of…  You are YOU, and that’s the only actuality that has true significance.

Talk to you all Monday…


ps–  Feel free to post anything you want, below, from your final submissions for feedback and workshopping..

Note For Both Classes

1 May

Good Morning…

Hope you all have a restful weekend! Please come prepared for the 1-on-1’s next week. If you have any question or confusion as to when your scheduled day is, just let me know.. But last names A-K meet Monday, and L-Z meet on Wednesday. Please come with questions, comments, observations, ideas of any shape concerning this final project. I’m meeting with you all face2face in intention of helping with writing, organization, consistency and clarity.

I’ll see you all next week… Write well.


seconds, days, minutes, weeks–
whatever, no quantity, that strips the experience
of flavor, any glow–
appreciate the view’s
talkative toil, pour what you
want, as the door will
close soon. then, end, which has no fluorescence at all.