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Post Everything…

27 Jun

Good evening, everyone…  Please feel free to post everything below.. both drafts of the first Longer Response, as well as the reaction to the National Geographic picture we viewed today.

FOR THE PICTURE:  Have it be a story, with some aim, or goal in mind for your character, characters, or narrator…  Try not to be centered and confined to genre…

FOR THE LONGER RESPONSE:  Let us know what we should be looking for.  In other words, please don’t merely post and expect us to read without something specific to keep in mind, or look for, or critique.  SO, for example, you may post your draft, or selected paragraph(s), and attach a note to the effect of, “Does this quote support what I’m arguing?” Or, “Is this paragraph too long?” Or maybe…  “Am I summarizing too much?”

Remember, this paper, as with all papers assigned this Summer term, demand YOUR thoughts, your FINDINGS[!!!].. so write freely.  Yes, be analytical, but don’t stop being Human just because it’s a college course.  Your thoughts matter– no, they more than ‘matter’, they’re principal to these writing efforts.


And the word of the day, which I of course failed to mention:  ‘blithesome:  lighthearted; merry; cheerful’  …  Quote:  “I was not destined to be forced.  I will breath after my own fashion.” -Henry David Thoreau


Enjoy your evening, and I look forward to seeing you all on Monday.




Beating On, Against the Current

25 Jun

So.. in your own words…  What do those last lines mean?

On a separate note, thank you all so much for such an enlivened interaction this evening.  I loved the reaction to specific characters and their expressions in the novel, and on screen, and how you all sorted the meanings of specific paragraphs, even singular lines…  Salute..

Enjoy your evenings, respectively, and I’ll see you all tomorrow.

Write well,


Paragraph Pitch, for Longer Reaction #1…

24 Jun

Just tell us what you want to write, what you want to argue.. WHAT.  YOU[!!!].  WANT. TO.  SAY.  If you could, include one of the quotes you’re thinking about using to support your argument, or thesis, or paper’s direction.  Believe me, if you’re dedicated to your topic, 1,000 words will find you much quicker than you think!  As we saw this evening, just in chapters 6 & 7, this novel has innumerable realities to explore, an inconceivable bounty of thoughts, voices, and messages.  Think about what you want to say, and just WRITE!


Let me know if I can help…  Please finish the book by tomorrow night and have notes prepared for your topic, and ideas to share with class on how the book ended.. especially your initial reaction concerning the novel’s conclusion.


Yours, Loyally,


Write, Write, Write!!!

20 Jun

Great session tonight!  Please find the submission guidelines for the first ‘Longer Reaction’ below…




LENTH: 1,000 words


For this first Longer Reaction submission, you’ll be composing your own position on Gatsby.. an original topic that you formulated while reading it.  Like we talked about tonight, 6/19, you should pick a focus and/or Area of Expertise and write from that.  I am not requiring you use any research (meaning, outside sources, like that YouTube clip we watched last night, 6/18), but if you come across something you want to incorporate (an article, a clip, an interview.. anything), please see me first.  Don’t OVERthink this!  Just log your observations, focus them, and write!


Remember, when at a loss, bring the author back into the discussion, and your writing!  This paper is about what YOU notice, and how you feel about Fitzgerald’s novel.


Let me know if you need any help.. I’m always here!




Good morning, colleagues…

19 Jun

Coffee in the early A.M. serves as more than just fuel, but more so a reminder that I have control over my own story, that I’m not just a character.. hope you all enjoy this morning as well.  For tonight, please bring in ideas for a focus, for the longer submission due next Thursday, 6/26/14.  Yes, there’s a healthy potentiality that your specialization could change, since we have so much more of F. Scott’s manuscript to read, but simply bring in some ideas tonight, for a consistency in Fitzgerald’s text that continues to provoke you.

Continue to note in your journal, anything that grips you about the novel.. from characters, to narration to symbols and words arrangements.  And PLEASE note the page numbers!  [smile]


Again, I wish you all the best of Thursdays, and I’ll see you this eve.






waves over the crow calls,

and I’ll sit here, record, where

I went, I don’t know yet–

I haven’t gone,

landed here, me, wing upward with

my scope, and shelved senses,

helped only by Reyes air, cliff views,

and a path when I sense,

hands into grains roll away from

tame.  clock, clock, putrid

arms reminding me of tags,

but the white tipped paces, up and side and

down and toward, filmed for convenient

oasis taste.




18 Jun

With the characters introduced to us in the first three chapters of ‘Gatsby’, which do you find the most engaging, or intriguing?  And why?  Just provide a couple sentences, maybe a short paragraph as to why this character grips you so.

Please type your response below…



First Night Note…

17 Jun

Thank you all so much for such an ineffable first session.  Remember, this is just an English class!  Just read, react with your words…  If you have any additional thoughts on the Ideas Exchanged tonight, or the poems I brought, please share them with us, below.  I know this semester will be challenging and somewhat rushed, but we are here together, in this Exchange of Ideas, and we’ll all get through it, and be stronger, more individualist writers, thinkers, and characters upon the term’s close.

I’ll be checking my email and maddenedread throughout the day tomorrow, before class.  On a note aside: how many of you write on your own time, outside and free from the academic/institutionalized bowl?  If so, feel free, as well, to share that at any time.. email me, and with your permission, I’ll post it to maddenedread for your colleagues to see, post their reactions.  And as well, if there are any articles, poems, short stories or anything Literary you find and advise we all read or visit at some point, let us know!  Post anything Literary, at anytime…  One suggestion, from one of your colleagues, just tonight: ‘The Picture of Dorian Gray’, by Oscar Wilde.


And now, the night closes, and I ready for tomorrow’s session, about to re-engage Fitzgerald’s manuscript along with you all…  One thing I can’t ignore in these first two chapters, a sense of lost time, what Nick wished he had, what he never experienced before the novel began.  He begins by reflecting, looking into the past, almost wishing for something, but what?  Maybe I’ll find out, with this new exploration of the text.


See you all tomorrow night,




door close, with shutting

I had to do that, the circles flip

wires intermingled with the tambourine beam

wasteful meeting, but I’ll still step, never fleeing


9 Jun

is about timing, finding time to do it, and not just for reading the page, but reflecting upon and within it.  And a flurrying, or at least partially moving pen should accompany.  Underline, note, connect…  Like Mr. Faulkner said, “…Read everything…Then Write…” I couldn’t agree more.  Writers must read, arguably more than they actually write.  They need to understand and observe, fully appreciate what their counterparts, and especially what the masters, are putting onto a page.