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Blog Contribution 7

30 Jul

Talk to us about a major development with your final paper…  Tell us what happened and HOW.


29 Jul

Do you have present-day examples, or current events to cite??? (Mike)

What have you learned from this approach, this research and this writing topic?  (Mike)

What PRECISELY do you want to teach your readers?  How are you planning on proving your expertise and/or AUTHORITY??? (Mike)

Show us, your readers, that you have a close relationship and or UNIQUE understanding of one of the authors, which would make a second or third not as emphasized, of course…  (Mike)

Defend your ideas with definite language and examples…  (Mike)

Make sure that you don’t put to much of your personal experience in your paper.  (Clarissa)

Outlet Kiss

25 Jul

Racket, there, but
that’s what gets noticed, old
madness. How happens, let
the counter tell, and I
Say cheers, and I hate
the word THE. Because I’m
Bored. Happy insanity curved because
It’s supposed to be advertised that
way. Just think, or walk away from
It, or
It. Oh yes, I’m obviating
such obvious trust, so duck.
Crash my Me into a written tree I saw the other day, next
To a polluted lot. Full–


Good Morrow…

24 Jul

Please bring whatever you have tonight.. printed!  That way, you can present it to us, even if you haven’t read through it thoroughly.  Just as well, think about how you want to present your ideas and what you’re looking for to support theses ideas.  So, in example:  I’m writing about the significance of boyhood, and how it shapes the latter adult male; I could use ‘Boy’s Life’ as evidence, what Jack went through, and how Mr. Wolff is in present day, linking his present-day strengths to his past struggles; and maybe finding some source in the psychological field to support the argument that early struggles lead to strength later on in life.  Just an idea…

Also tonight, we’ll watch a little more of ‘Boy’s Life’, seeing if there are ways we can use the film as a secondary source.

Enjoy your day, and I’ll see you tonight…


Final Paper Ideas…

23 Jul

Post here… We will workshop our ideas below. Please engage each other! I hope what we discussed tonight helped!

Cheers.. And be well in your respective eves.


Blog Response 6

22 Jul

What is your personal connection to Wolff’s book? That is, how are you [name] reading these pages like no one else in the world? Don’t reveal anything you don’t want to, just give us a couple lines on how only you can read this book how you are.. Touch on some experience, if you can.

Have a great day!


21 Jul

Good morning…
Up with Jackie and coffee, so I thought I’d check in. Thank you for all your reaction to Wolff’s book. What are the key elements to his maturity and development as a character? How has his relationship changes with other characters affected him? And, is there anything else you want to say about how the book is progressing? Tonight we’ll touch on possible writing directions for ‘Boy’s Life’, among other things.
Enjoy your day, and I’ll see you in a while…..


18 Jul

What’s ‘Boy’s Life’ about, in your own words? Feel free to address specific parts of the text or write freely. Just speak your mind and be honest…

Have a good day…

16 Jul

I appreciate your comments and hope you all are having a wonderful day and bringing your second Longer Reaction to a harmonious and agreeable close.

See you all tonight!

WE Should be Mindful of…

16 Jul

Please note below what we should look for in our own essays.  As I shared in class, I have a few notes of my own.  Offer your own new ideas or expand upon items I list that you agree with or find useful.


Cheers, and I’ll see you all tomorrow night…



  1. Appropriateness or RELEVANCE of title
  2. First sentence of essay, in first paragraph
  3. Eliminate ‘I think’, ‘In my opinion’, and/or ‘I believe’… any qualifying remarks, that diminish the strength of your writing
  4. Don’t jail yourself with the five paragraph essay
  5. Semi-colons…  Don’t overuse them or abuse them
  6. Abrupt conclusions…  Introductions can sometimes pull off being brief, but not conclusions.. ever