7/2/14– session notes…

9 Jul

-Focus on symbols, objects… house, piano (Mike)

-Dad in church.. pg 114 (Mike)

-Scene on page 117…  “I went into the kitchen and filled an empty orange-juice jug with water…I told her I wanted to help Dad.” (Mike)

-“Grandma Smith had strong opinions about the way things ought to be done… It drove Mom crazy, and it was the reason she never set rules for us.” pg 91(Evan)

-Top pg 106– erosion of Dad’s mentality?

“Dad slowly raised his right hand and put it up against the cage. The cheetah looked at Dad’s hand but didn’t move. Dad calmly put his hand between the iron bars of the cage and rested it on the cheetah’s neck. The cheetah moved the side of his face against Dad’s hand, as if asking to be petted. Dad gave the cheetah the kind of hardy, vigorous petting you’d give a big dog” -pg108 (Eben)

“Mom, who had Maureen in one arm and her sketch pad under the other, pointed out that the animals had traded freedom for security.” -pg 107 (Sara)

indicative of the way the parents feel.

“I’m starting to feel like a rat in a maze,” he told me. pg 106 (Joe)

“I like the world just fine the way I see it,” she said. pg. 97 (Dominic)

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