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Day’s Quote

30 Sep

Scholarship is to be created not by compulsion, but by awakening a pure interest in knowledge.
— Ralph Waldo Emerson


27 Sep

Mistakes are the portals of discovery.
-James Joyce


27 Sep

if I hear the register’s ding or chime or call
again I’ll be mad, go mad, hatter with
out a hat, turn rush push buy go–
My dollars line to be executed by a
total. And inlet them. I hurried
here, visage fall gust ripple.
Can’t swing but sing in only
three notes, some would file that
as harmony. But not
me. Infancy in stance low rant.



25 Sep

“If you want to be happy, be.”
-Leo Tolstoy

Something I forgot to ask last night…

25 Sep

What do you think would have happened if Mary didn’t do what she did at the end of ‘Martyrs’?

Dear Colleagues…

23 Sep

You have a week, as you know, to perfect and make more precise your first longer reaction papers.  I have the rubric dimensions listed below, so that’s a healthy way to evaluate and re-evaluate your rough draft after your succeeding revisions.  As you probably are, I’m a bit exhausted from the day, so please excuse the brevity of this letter…  Please appreciate my urgency that this paper is about your thoughts, your opinion, your voice, but you want to convey such with confidence and authority, so please avoid qualifying yourself with ‘I think’ or ‘I believe’ or ‘In my opinion’, or anything similar.  Like we discussed in class, as I offered, an “A” or strong paper is convincing and honest.  Know what you are arguing!  Be proud of your thesis and paper!  Be eager to share your ideas, type them, print them out!  There yours, no one else’s!

As we get into Mr. Wolff’s short stories we have to again consider the form OF the short story itself; how brief it is and all that it has to do in such a short amount of time– and the narration, does it help or hinder?  A couple thoughts on the first three short stories in this collection: 1, there’s some dimension of heroism in them; 2, they all have a balance tone in them, that is the mood is consistent from word one to the last; and lastly, the characters don’t want anything extraordinary, they all have relatable qualities…  Do you agree?  What do you see in these works?  I also ask again, kindly, that you consider the title of these works.  Do they work?  Are they relevant?  And, as I posed tonight to some of you: Where are the gems in “Next Door”?  That is, what is the controlling idea, or thesis as it were?

Wolff’s stories are a bit conventional, but they are extraordinarily Creative.  Why do you think I’d say such?  Please bring your research on Wolff to class, Wednesday, and be prepared to offer your thought on who he is, what the stories “are about” and how these short stories do or don’t make a specific point.

Hope you all have a great evening and day tomorrow, and I’ll revisit with you Wednesday…  Please also find the Wolff sources’ links below as well.




Title:  5pts

Introduction:  5pts

Voice/Argumentation:  10pts

Organization/Order:  10pts

Conclusion:  5pts

Mechanics:  5pts

Works Cited Page:  5pts

Word Choice:  5pts


New topic…..

12 Sep

On The Road shows Jack Kerouac’s love for and admiration of BEAUTY..

What do you think?


11 Sep

tired but pressing
no refusal just drive
locomotive or gazelle
or cheetah
pick your metaphor
I sit, abetted bore
dive into a day’s lore
parked with imaginary harp
reshuffling of cubist cards
Picasso wallow, rock in a
nonpatented motto
sell it and be broke, hold it
and breathe bullion


When you’ve finished the book…

11 Sep

Meet me here.. Please note your immediate reaction below. And, what direction are you seriously entertaining for the first longer paper?

Dean Moriarty is…


This book is about…


A topic of your own design.

Great classes yesterday! See you all Monday.


If We’re “On” The Road…

10 Sep

Then where are we going?  How are the changes in Sal and Dean’s relationship affecting the story and how we as readers are being carried through this journey?  We’ll talk about this in class tomorrow…

Enjoy your night…