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Post for outline…

26 Jun

Please post your outlines below…


The reactions.. show ownership of your work! 

24 Jun

Titles.. indent…. interpret those passages YOUR way!

So for tonight’s class.. we are going to own our ideas.  And share them with confidence and forethought.  Observations in Kerouac’s novel, Dean’s impact on Sal and Sal’s on Dean, among much else.. what do we have in this book?  And what does Kerouac want for his readers?  To act?  To do something, right?  He wants a reaction and he wants us to see something.. IT, right?  So what is IT?

Tonight…  Let’s write together, let’s share our interests in the book, what we want to write about and why?  Remember, connect JK’s novel to your own life.  That is, use what you have lived as a special interpretive lens.

Let’s see what we find!


Bonjour, tout le monde!

19 Jun

Thank you all for a wildly wondrous first week!  Feel free to post anything below: comments on Reading, the freewrite we did yesterday (poetry).  Keep with your reads and start developing some focus with ‘Road’.  What speaks to you?  What do you find interesting?  And what does Kerouac say to you, personally?cup-of-coffee

With 7 weeks to go, we need to increase our pace.  My advice to you all: plan.  Time will win if you don’t.  Time loves to capitalize on the littlest of our follies.  If you plan and plot, measure your work appropriately, you’ll be inviolable (secure from destruction.. word of day…).  But, do, make time for you!  Like my Philosophy friend has always stressed, “You have to have fun!  You have to have fun, Mikey…” So, do.  I encourage you…..

Me, now, writing in a café looking at the clock, counting Time before having to leave for the winery.  Ugh, don’t you just sometimes wish for that day off, just one..  Enough of me, go enjoy your day, your story, your Road, your LIFE!

À bientot!


Merci, et Bonne Nuit!!!

16 Jun

Thank you all for a wonderful first night…  Everything from the discussions to the participation, Jack-Kerouac (1)willingness to participate, and our first in-class creative writing freewrite.  Feel free to share what you feverishly scribbled tonight, below!  If you wish to add to what you wrote or edit a bit, then fine!  But try to keep it as in tact as you can as to give us, your readers, and much a truthful taste of what you wrote in that brief ten-minute span.

Cheers!  I so very much look forward to seeing you all tomorrow night, and working with you over the next eight weeks….

Loyally, Yours,



7 Jun

Kerouac knew what he wanted and didn’t know, but he knew he had to keep moving, keep writing and keep exploring.. we should all embrace the same. What makes his novel ‘Road’ so universal and convincing is the hope it provides in the pages sequences along with a relatable uncertainty.. let’s read on in our own stories and see what we find, what we read and what we learn about our own characters–


There was nowhere to go but everywhere, so just keep on rolling under the stars.

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Good Morning, Everyone!! [7:04AM, 6/7/15]

7 Jun

My name is Mike Madigan, and I’ll be your instructor of record for the next 8 weeks– or, 8 weeks from when the semester does actually start, June 15th… I just wanted to make sure you all have the books the first day, which are Jack Kerouac’s ‘On The Road’ and David Sedaris’ ‘Me Talk Pretty One Day’. As well, please have one notebook (preferably a Composition Book), and some post-it’s for our readings and places in your journals where you may need to reference and re-reference certain ideas and writings, notes and what be…..
What you can expect from this class: what you invest, what you equate into the equation. So.. if your election is to be miserable, then you will be just that. BUT, new colleagues and friends, if you want to learn a couple new things about your writing voice and about how to approach Literature, and your dreams and academic pursuits, then you will receive that and quite plausibly more!

So, to close, I look forward to meeting and working with you all, and I’ll see you on the 15! Please feel free to introduce yourself below and what you want from this class and your academic life, or anything you want to narrate! Cheers!

Loyally, Yours,