Bonjour, tout le monde!

19 Jun

Thank you all for a wildly wondrous first week!  Feel free to post anything below: comments on Reading, the freewrite we did yesterday (poetry).  Keep with your reads and start developing some focus with ‘Road’.  What speaks to you?  What do you find interesting?  And what does Kerouac say to you, personally?cup-of-coffee

With 7 weeks to go, we need to increase our pace.  My advice to you all: plan.  Time will win if you don’t.  Time loves to capitalize on the littlest of our follies.  If you plan and plot, measure your work appropriately, you’ll be inviolable (secure from destruction.. word of day…).  But, do, make time for you!  Like my Philosophy friend has always stressed, “You have to have fun!  You have to have fun, Mikey…” So, do.  I encourage you…..

Me, now, writing in a café looking at the clock, counting Time before having to leave for the winery.  Ugh, don’t you just sometimes wish for that day off, just one..  Enough of me, go enjoy your day, your story, your Road, your LIFE!

À bientot!


3 Responses to “Bonjour, tout le monde!”

  1. Colin James Whitley June 22, 2015 at 6:18 pm #

    I loved section 2, especially the last 3 chapters. Dean’s really become beat and I canonly empathize with him after Dean and Marylou abandoned him. The end of chapter 10 was my favorite part to read I ended up rereading it over and over for a half hour as he describes drifting in and out of life. I have disliked books all through out school, howe
    ver this book is only pulling me in and I love it.

  2. Scott Wimmer June 22, 2015 at 11:43 pm #

    The Face on the mountain.
    The green face on the mountain watches me as I wright.
    Up to his nose like a swimming troll going under the depths of the deep blue.
    He is surrounded by his kinfolk and his long lost friends.
    They move so slow as we would never even know.
    Their cold caps cover, the others tower over and watch.
    The green mountain men watch with opposing menace to all.
    His friends touch the sky and part the clouds since time, as we know it, began.
    Ernest in thought, steady in value, and wise beyond years.
    The green man watches me as I write.

  3. chriscruz95 June 25, 2015 at 7:12 am #

    Poem: Her

    Dang, her eyes are down right bright
    They fill an entire room with light
    Her subtle skin
    Ravenous it is to my soul
    In a way uncontrolled
    With pure feelings
    Is this love?
    Whatever her soft tone sings
    Brings harmony to my withered wings
    Happiness, is this not all that we desire?
    Redundantly enough,
    I tried so hard to acquire
    I got what i want

    – Christian C.

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