16 Nov


We have an author that has more conviction than most, but somehow demonstrates vulnerability and a certain sensitivity that’s trounced out by boldness, this masculine paradigm.  He writes in discipline as well as in between excesses and indulgences.  He’s proverbially aware of life, death, and their unmistakeable and irrefutable interconnection.  Reading his work, you can see he admires everything around him, everything and everyone.  It’s all material.  It can all be on a page.  Which is similar to the other authors we’ve read but with this author there’s more intensity.  And a stratosphere of more confidence, near cockiness in his compositions.  When reading his sentences, try to determine which clauses convey strength, and which deliver a sense of vulnerability.  This will help determine who and what we’re reading.  I’ve said before that ‘Hem’ is his own genre, one of only a few American authors that have achieved such, I offer.  Similarly, Hemingway wants us to experience truth, the truth of where he is, what he sees, hears, tastes, touches, smells, feels, wonders and loves.  A soldier on the page, in his sentences and in life, while still visibly sensitive, vulnerable, and dare I direct.. ‘feminine’.  Let me know if you see what I see in the Feast.  And if not, what do you see, what are you observing?  Because, quite frankly, this memoir or novel, or just ‘book’, is all about observation, life and appreciating the day.  Appreciating the Feast itself in the savory city of Paris.  Prendre plaisir!”

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