Week 16… The Focus Paper

30 Nov

IMG_4064-1Your Voice..

Your Identity…

Your Intentions….

On the page.

One Response to “Week 16… The Focus Paper”

  1. Assmaa Ashooqullah November 30, 2015 at 10:28 pm #

    Hemingway is definitely lost and insecure about his relationship with his wife, it look like he wanted to make it strong by growing up his hair as long as his wife’s hair Hadley, but he never try to change his behavior, and he was aware that his marriage won’t last long.
    He know and had sense that he is not faithful to his wives, Hadley who
    was in south, and Pauline who was in Paris. He describe his relationship as a “pilot fish,” who was trying to show that he really like his employees, and claim that they are trustworthy, but actually they are not. I think Hemingway describe him self as a pilot fish because he seem trust worthy and his relationship look good with his wives but in fact it wasn’t.
    when he went deep in his relationship with his wives he describe that how unfaithful he was with his wives, he claims that he loved them equally; however, when he was with one he feel she is the one, if he was with another he felt that she is the one who he love the most. He knew that he is not fair with his wives, but I think he couldn’t do anything about it.

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