Final Prompt for Fall…..

14 Dec

Bonjour, tout le monde!  I thought as one last artful activity, or “credit opportunity”, we’d return to creative writing, telling a story.. but, ah!  You don’t have 4-5 pages of expository luxury to expel your narrative.  With this invitation, you only have 300 words, not a drop more!  Tell a story, show a story, but get to the point, and focus on singularity, not too many things, or people, like Hemingway with the dark-haired beauty, or Kerouac with Alf, or Wolff with the Bullet, Ms. Plath in her bath with everyone dissolving…

Be mindful with your words and how many you use…  REMEMBER, don’t go past 300!  This is very much an exercise in Flash Fiction, or micro-fiction some would say.

Have fun, enjoy your writing!  And, keep writing!  Even and especially after this final prompt.  If you don’t write, no story’s told.

Merci, and I’ll see you all around campus.

Loyally.  Yours.  Always,


2 Responses to “Final Prompt for Fall…..”

  1. augustbilger December 16, 2015 at 6:26 pm #

    He was a knight in shining armor, just a boy facing many monsters a ghouls. Demons attacking him bedside with daggers of animosity and pain, each small laceration beinga doorway for a new cancer to inhabit his life and mind. Slaying these foes with not a sword but a pen and paper, ink to seep through their bones and obliterate their sorrows. The boy kept a long fight but did not realize his words no longer held the same power against his enemies, no longer being able to even peirce through their shields. The knight went in search for an alchemist to bless him with new strengths to fight off his demons, but was only given an assortment of pills. The alchemist claimed the pills would erase any opponent the boy had. Although the pills made the boy fight confidently leaving the thought that he had a new power against his foes. It was soon realized the pills had little to no effect on the boy and on one lonesome and cold night the boy was devoured by his demons.

  2. Tyler Jachetta December 17, 2015 at 8:08 pm #

    Anders began thinking about death since the age of six. He questioned, “Mom, where did grandma go?”. “Heaven.”, she replied. He began asking her question after question in hopes of gaining a better understanding of this new concept of death. Anders accepted these answers throughout a majority of his childhood, but become weary of them as he grew older. It could not be that simple he thought. Anders studied neurology in college. He did not study this out of an ulterior motive to become wealthy like many of his classmates. He studied this because he had to know. “Where do we go?”, his lips mouthed the words every time he studied a cadaver’s brain. “Where do we go?”, his lips mouthed the words as eulogies were being read at his mother’s funeral. The desire to know grew in Anders as he aged. Unfortunately, a form of intestinal cancer grew in Anders as well. To his doctor’s surprise, Anders was not afraid when he was informed of this. Instead, he treated dying as another research opportunity. Through months of collecting data and forming a hypothesis, his time finally came. He closed his eyes for what he thought was the last time.
    “It was that simple!”, Anders shouted gleefully as he opened his eyes. He began his tour of Heaven, and he found that it lived up to his all of his childhood expectations. However, there was one aspect of Heaven that he found odd. Anders could not find a single familiar face. Anders asked God where he could find his friends, family, and everyone else he had become acquainted with. God projected a live feed of their location. He no longer wanted to know.

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