English 1A –

7 Mar

posted to wrong blog… whoops! What happens when you’re sick and over-caffeinated. See you soon…..


Whose Road are We On? 

Kerouac’s or Sal’s?  And the characters that Kerouac so very much depends on for his writings… how are they impacting him?  Positively?  Negatively?  How is it influencing your read of his story?

Teaching…..  And if not, then showing.  What is Kerouac teaching or showing you as a reader?  The lost nature of his prose, I argue, is just the point.  The point being to enjoy life, every minute of it, as he said.

And, what kind of a teacher is he?  What are some of the lessons aside from an embrace of life?

Let’s see what we have so far…..

Talk Soon,


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