More I think about it,

14 Mar

the more I realize I have yet to learn.  About Life, yes, but more crucially myself.  Just when I think I have so much pinned, understood, there’s a variable introduced.  Something about Life and my role in it.  I guess my “advice”, if any, is be patient.  Don’t rush.  The more control is sought the less attainable it is.

2:40 on Monday.  The day still very much in motion…  What are you learning from the authors we’re reading?  What are you teaching yourself?  What has the semester’s Story taught you?  For me.. I’m seeing rewards for not acting too quickly; taking my time, and let the Story show me what to do.



2 Responses to “More I think about it,”

  1. Ruth McQeen ;) March 16, 2016 at 12:53 am #

    The moment I figure myself out some event comes along and I find myself changing. Not drastically changing but finding things about myself that I didn’t know. Things I assumed I knew but when put in a situation that I had to express myself or experience something new that is when I learn what makes me me. It’s really cool, and yet really scary at the same time to see myself. But the more I get to know myself the more I seem to change with the time and I realize that I’m not a constant in life. I’m like a river and I just keep collecting the debris around me and slowing down every so often at a jam. I never stop changing, every so slightly, views and opinions shift. Nothing drastic, just little things that characterize me into me. And I know that when I reach the ocean and look back on the river I once was, I’ll be a completely different color. The ocean is a clear blue and green while the river is a muck of different shades of brown and blue. Realistically, I’m excited to see what color I’ll end up being in life. Who knows, maybe I’ll end up being a lake?

  2. Caity A March 16, 2016 at 7:38 pm #

    Dealing with an abundance of disabling stress this semester. Still learning how to manage it. Sometimes it keeps me down, but I working on ways to overcome it. When I need to be be at my strongest is when I become my weakest. Issues with my mental health effecting my physical health so drastically are very new to me.
    This semester’s story is teaching me to find more effective ways to take care of myself in order to keep moving forward.
    (Emailed my response to your SRJC email…sorry I missed the class!)

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