eng 5

18 Apr


At what point do we seek one, or several, that ‘IT’?  How do we get it?  Can we get it?  Can we change, or is our character already written?  Something to think about as students, writers and readers, Humans.  But, maybe there’s nothing that needs to be remedied.  That’s possible, right?  So then what.  Remedy isn’t worth entertaining, if there’s nothing to be remedied?  How about ‘growth’, then, as a singular word and idea.  Just thoughts I’m sharing with you, reading and writing here in the Emeritus building.  As Kerouac and his cronies meander, so do we, right?  What happens when the meander is over, when we reach a destination?

Meditation, meditation…  A collection of Self.  The Self is acquired, maintained, and PRACTICED…..

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