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The first thing

25 May

you’re going to do tomorrow is…?

Write it down.

Write it backwards…

Rewrite it.

Know what you want and write till you get it.

Loyally.  Yours.  Always.



24 May

Write down your stress and throw it in the fucking trash.

There, how’s that for a lecture, or writing prompt, something taught…

Nothing at all Resolved

23 May

End of a semester, ends nothing.  It only assures the story is still being written.  By us.  Just keep going, keep writing, learning, reading and growing.  It’s all out there, for you.  Everything you want.

IT, needs you.

Go to the news…. Any site…

22 May

Write a 100-word reaction to the first story that catches your eye and that you read from beginning to end…

For ALL Spring ’15 Scholars–

20 May

React to the work you submitted for your final larger piece of writing.  I’m not asking what you could have done better, or what you wish you would have done different, but to the process.  What you learned about the topic you chose, what you learned about yourself as a writer, student.  React to the act of composing this paper.  And going forward in your academic and/or professional careers, how do you think your new writing habits and visions, whatever they are, will materialize down the road?  Again, just react to the act of composition of this final paper.  What you learned, what you found, how you the author and student changed.  If you were truly passionate about your writing, the composition itself, both process and product, took on some life of its own and interacted with you.  What was in that interaction?

14 May


me:  5/13/16


Realizing we’re the visible ripple of our decisions’ collective puddle.  That is, what we do and all decisions we make constitute our character.  Was just in line at Starbucks, feeling impatient and internally cursing the place and myself for it taking so long, “Why am I wasting my morning like this?” And all mirroring sentiments.  But then I saw, I chose to be there, in that line, spending my money on an overpriced drink when I could have just made coffee at home, blended in some chocolate, milk, whip, whatever.  This morning’s been that meditation I’ve needed all week, valuing what I elect, yes, but being careful with WHAT I elect.

At the end of the semester, time is a dish, a cake.  It has to be proportioned optimally, so we need to premeditate.  Time is sweet, complex and variable, and beautiful, but cruelly candid.  We have…

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10 May

Don’t worry about the grade, don’t worry about anything, just throw yourself to your topic.  Let yourself BE your writing, and nothing else.  Your ideas are beautiful and they need to be read.  Use every second, as this life is so cruelly curt.  Just a thought…

Your Progress…

8 May

Tell us below–

What you’ve done.

What adjustments you’ve made to your argument.

What have you learned?

What do you want us to have learned?

Tell us where you are, where you’re going with this final piece of writing…



In being our own writing, we are ourselves. 

6 May

We’re honest with ourselves, acknowledging strengths and weakness, what we need to do to better our writings.  I’m learning right alongside you, believe me.  BUT, one thing I can say for us all, from experience, is that you have to want it.  Faulkner said that we shouldn’t be writers, we should just be writing.  So write, and do so freely.  Write whatever comes to your thoughts.  Polish later, and only if you want to (Of course, in the context of something you submit in class, you do need to edit and fine, of course, but with creative work, just explode INTO the page!).

I’m up early this morning, with coffee of course, and I collect with words, odd barely-awake utterances that I know I’ll forget if I don’t write them.  Try the same, let us know what happens!

See you all soon…  Mike