10 May

Don’t worry about the grade, don’t worry about anything, just throw yourself to your topic.  Let yourself BE your writing, and nothing else.  Your ideas are beautiful and they need to be read.  Use every second, as this life is so cruelly curt.  Just a thought…

One Response to “Uh…”

  1. Sally Burke May 11, 2016 at 1:22 pm #

    I’m kinda frustrated. I really wanted to come into the optional office hour class on Monday, but of course I accidentally set my alarm for pm and slept through the whole class. I’ve been trying to edit my paper and BE writing, but it’s a lot harder without someone to tell me specific things that will make my paper better as a whole (rather than just little grammar corrections). Mike, when are your office hours? I’d really like to work on this, as well as the essay redo, but I don’t know when your office hours are. Plus, I figure I’ll be busy during your office hours thanks to my 20.5 unit schedule 🙂

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