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Night 7

30 Jun

supererogatory:  going beyond the requirements of duty.

“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.” -Confucius


1 – Readings/Typed Reactions

-group, then revisit

2 – Paper 1

-pieces you can use

3 – Who relates to what?  Why?

4 – Why is important for us to relate?

5 – Why should we care?

6 – How will this piece affect the reader?


Plath poems…

What do you see in her work?

YouTube clip…

Journal checks, tomorrow…

-What I’m looking for:  consistency in note-taking, brainstorming, notes from readings, creative work

Night 5

28 Jun

“Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.” -Jonathan Swift

-What does that mean to you?

remontant: blooming more than once in a season.

Get into groups, formulate a statement about one or more of the pieces.. support that statement with three quotes.  So, if you want to talk about three pieces, you can only use three quotes.  IF you select one piece, then your three quotes must be from that piece.

Revisit and present…

Short reactions:  Name, Date, Class (no need for my name, but if you need to, it’s “Mike Madigan”…)  Balance of paragraphs, quotes, strong language, no summary…

Dickinson poem, analyze…

Creative Writing, poetry…

And about poetry…  WHAT ABOUT IT?

add’l questions –

What is happiness to you?  How do you get it/plan on getting it?

How do you deal with stress?


23 Jun

did your day start?

3 details…

3 images…

3 characters….

Night 2

22 Jun

Tonight’s class:

“I will not take ‘but’ for an answer.” -Langston Hughes

1 – Reading:  Identity

2 – Writing:  Identity

3 – College:  Identity

4 – Freewrites

5 – Reading from Short Prose Reader

6 – Argument vs. Story, can you have both?

7 – Technology, balance (‘I Think, Therefore IM’)

8 – Short Reaction Approaches… quotes, explanation, thoughts, personal experience…..

Go for a walk… I did.

21 Jun

a note…..

21 Jun

Don’t forget to eat.

Food is fuel, and if you forget, the sentences suffer.

Or at least I’ve found.

Hemingway said ‘hunger was a good discipline’.  Yes, but too far past comfort and the work wanders.

So, stay fueled.

Time for bed–

21 Jun

Don’t make yourself stay up and write if your body tells you otherwise.

You can write in the morning.  Or at some point tomorrow.

Rest is crucial in a writer’s ways…

So, treat yourself to some.