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30 Sep

Wonder and measure, lean

against the counter and count.

But don’t mark much. Shaped

Coffee, then a drive,

18 Sep

then work, then write, then write more, then read…

Motion constant.  Always tireless.  So I

mirror the day’s energy and relentless electricity.

What it teaches me– stopping is and WAS never a choice.

How dost thou spend this Sunday?

I woke at 4AM this morning to write.  Why? 

17 Sep

I had to.  Being a daddy and writer you only get the time you get.  I’ve talked to you all about time before.  Well, I’ll have you know, it’s not just talk.  I’m scared to death of time.  I’m not saying you should be scared of it, too, or act out of fear.  Just act!  Do something!  Whatever you want…  And, be respectful of time, if not afraid.  And if not respectful, then mindful.  ‘Cause it is there.  It will always be there.  But you, won’t always be.

Remain mentally alive, remain creatively ablaze.  Make the day your own, and I’ll see you all Monday…  Mike

Mini-mini-mini Lecture

15 Sep

Fantasy’s already your reality.

You just have to see it that way.

If your mind wants you to stop…

15 Sep

Remind it who’s in control.

Mini-mini-mini Lecture

13 Sep

Stop what you’re doing and look around.

Just observe.

Some of the best reading and writing you’ll ever do is when you’re not doing either.

Set three goals for yourself today…

13 Sep

And write as you attack them.

Jot your journey.  Teach and inspire others…


Propel yourself.

There is no better coach, teacher, MOTIVATOR for you than YOU.