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Let negatives fuel you, let them speak,

25 Oct

they give themselves away and empower you the more they speak.  They’re too negative to realize that.

Today commands I intensify

22 Oct

all efforts creative.

So, expect more pages.

Expect many more.

(10/19/16)  English 100, Reaction to Meeting —

19 Oct

Thank you all for an energetic exchange of ideas today.  I’ll be honest, I was a little tired and not that in-character when I arrived, but I credit you all for pulling me from my lull.  Thank you!  Keep reading in Walls with a critical eye on the family, on the parents especially.  There’s nothing wrong with being critical of their parental “methods”, but your criticisms need to be supported.  Also, take note of your emotions and feelings as a reader, and be prepared to tell us where you felt what.

For your creative work, telling your story…  Practice telling a story.  Do more freewriting in your journals.  Teach us something about yourself, about the world, about life.  There are so many experiences in this world that would make incredible stories, and I’m CERTAIN that many of them are in our group.

Start preparing to defeat your Monday.  I’ve said this before, Mondays do NOT have to feel like Mondays.  Ever.  Whatever you have to do to feel positive about yourself and what you’re doing, do it.

Thanks again for the electric interactions today…

See you all next week – Mike

PS – What is one goal you have over the weekend, one productive step forward you want to actuate?

Think about everything.

11 Oct

Write it down.

Connect yourself fully to your work.

Write down an

7 Oct

after-work thought…

What are you feeling?


Hypothetical edits for how the day went?

What’s the first swarm of inner-intonations that buzz through your brain, right after clocking out?

Share with us, and respond to each other!


6 Oct

Get Your Story—


It’s yours, it just needs to be captured.  Some of it’s already with you, but the observations and experiences that contribute to it are out there, in the world.  Go get them!  Make them your own.  Keep stomping and sprinting toward your vision and relent nothing!  As anyone chasing an objective and a reality where passion can foster and ferment, we have to be stubborn.  We won’t compromise, we won’t accept anything.  Not that you’re angry, you’re just intent, fervent, trenchant in your story.  You’re the author, you’re the narrator and eventual speaker of these scenes.  You’r teaching us, about a life that’s all yours.  A life that you captured, wrote, shaped, and had the courage to share.

Day’s started…

2 Oct

What dost thou want?