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Breath before

10 Dec

the day starts.

Now I’m ready.

Ready for a 

new story.

Today, Friday, day before the weekend, I’m uniquely motivated. 

9 Dec

Part of it has to do with the semester coming to its end, and we all get a break, but for the most part it’s a result of just being assured that I am going to bring certain realities to fruition.  I just decided that certain realities WILL be mine.  And, today.  With writing, with business, with teaching…  Anything I want.  So what I wanted to share with you all today was an urgency:  Think of something you want from this Friday, TODAY, and just go bloody get it.  Whatever you want, you can have.  So… mes amies… go get it!

Today will be all mine 

4 Dec

and all about my story.


Because I’m writing it that way.

Today, all about

4 Dec

self-discovery and story.

What did you find?