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Tired tonight,

29 May

but waking early with wife.  She to spin, me to scribe.  Thought dominant for day–  resisting nothing, working with whatever’s before you.  Make everything your own.  Today, just drove through day, made every moment mine.  Even walking past a glass atop a placemat I seized, if only to move the glass a couple centimeters to the right.  I did something.  I made it MINE.  And funny, now that I’m writing (or really typing with thumbs on phone), I’m waking up.  Second wind if you want to look at it that way.  But I have to force Self to early bed.  I need three pages before leaving for winery.


Conversation with Courtney on Merlot, Zins, winemaking…

View of old vines

Me, reciting wine, not selling it

To want something is

21 May

humorous.  To be demonstrative of hunger and pursuit and actually acquire is worthy of study.  Be your professor, a student of your Self– study your habits and actions, enjoy your strengths and follies.  Everything is meant to come together for us.  We merely have to be more perceptive of our innate promise.  Do not want or wish.  Hungry, pursue, and establish your echo.

Day’s end…

14 May

Take inventory.  Assess and appreciate…


13 May

Immediacy is key with creative.  Blending unlike things is what reveals gems.

Early… wake up early, arrive early… early fixes breaks and stalls before they appear.

Sometimes with the creative, you have to let what’s around you control and direct.

Talk to people, learn from them.

Self-doubt will drown you.  Stay away from that pond.

Walks.  Walks solve what you think is unsolvable.

With anything you write,

10 May

put on a more-than-fantastic show for YOURSELF.

After a Day

1 May

You need to not do anything.


Don’t write don’t plan don’t measure don’t foresee–

Just be.  That’s what present about the now-me.