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29 Jun

I’m already going, already writing the day’s story and have logged steps forward.  How about you?  How are you making the day your own?

Sometimes, and I’ve said this before,

29 Jun

doing nothing’s what you have to do to know what you need to do.  

The best writing, at times, is penned internally when you’re not materially writing.

Sit, stop, breathe, see, listen…

That passing car or plane flying over your house could answer every question you had, have, will have.

Opennes is onus.


28 Jun

See castle.

Want castle.

Build castle



27 Jun

Try going outside pattern.  Be You, just find a different way to do so.  Be creative, be free, be speedily defiant.  Turn your story in a new direction.  Could be simple as driving a new way to work, or leaving early, or having an extra cup of coffee….

Record the outcomes of your character.

Don’t let your days off be

23 Jun

day’s off.

That’s when you should be working for YOU.

Be where

22 Jun

you’re the most YOU.

The day is a 

22 Jun

story of stories.  Even, and especially, what you think is insignificant is tremendously valuable and promising.  Right now, I’m having an iced coffee, sitting at one of those small square tables at the Hopper Starbucks.  The significance?  I’m collecting myself, my thoughts and my character, ideas and swimming, skipping in possibilities.  I’m alive–  Better, I’m mentally alive.  All the possibilities can be brought to actuality.  Which do I want?  Why not all?  Why not treat yourself to everything you want?

Be tireless.  Use and mold every moment to be your own.  The story and all the stories within it, like RIGHT NOW, are yours… are valuable, are more than enough to get you where you want to be.

Enjoy your day.  Be creative, happy, and free.