17 Aug

New ideas on the way.

Always new ideas.

What new ideas do you have?

Which do you want to share?

Let’s light the wick to a new exchange of ideas…




One Response to “Back…”

  1. Jimmy August 25, 2017 at 2:23 am #

    I have no shoes. I’m cold and hungry and have been walking for miles, but I have nowhere to go. I have no shoes and my feet are bleeding. It hurts so badly but every time I stop to rest, the cops hassle me. I finally make it to the mission but its to late. They had stopped serving lunch at one. I don’t have a watch or a cell phone but it must be past one. All the shelters are full and I can’t afford a tent. I’m on some waiting list for the shelter on the corner but they said it could take months. I have no shoes and no one seems to care. People look at me, then look away when I look at them. When I smile at people they don’t smile back. Last night someone stole everything I own. I have no shoes, I’m cold and I’m hungry. I go to the Starbucks dumpster for lunch, a man with two small children sees me. He points and laughs. I have no shoes and I need to sit down and rest, but the cops stop me again. This time instead of giving me a ticket he gave me a pair of shoes.

    Life of a homeless woman.
    By: Jimmy Brock

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