If you can’t sleep,

25 Aug

find some way to get closer to your ultimate aim.  If you want to travel or finish a book, star in some headlining play or start a catering company, open a business of your own or just rewrite your life in some way… use the time you’re unable to sleep to capitalize on your abilities.  And, having some grand goal is an ability.  So many have no idea what they want, and that’s okay.  And if you’re someone who has no idea yet what you want, use the sleeplessness to think, or brainstorm possibilities in a journal, or on pieces of scratch paper.  Hang them on some board that you’ll always see, or in some area of your domicile that you everyday pass, preferably in the morning before you walk out into the day.  Though, if you’re someone who has a goal, some apexing reality you hope to taste, don’t squander this inability to shut eyes.  It’s a gift, an invitation to work, undisturbed.  Use it.  So many see sleeplessness as a burden, a pain, annoying.  I understand.  What I’m recommending is another perspective, an alternate attitude.  See what happens.  In fact, don’t “see what happens”.  Make something happen.

It’s dark, it’s quiet, it’s yours.  Take full possession and command of it.

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