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29 Sep

You want can be written.

So stop thinking.

Start writing.


28 Sep

You have words.

They’re YOUR words.

They have value.

Use them.

Or they’re lost.


28 Sep

Invest not just wisely, but genuinely, and never eagerly.

Want to learn something today?

28 Sep

We are all writing something.  Especially when we’re not actually writing—

All moments are tied in some way.

What happens in a classroom is a microcosm for ‘out there’.  That’s why this matters.

You learn by teaching yourself and letting the moment education you on YOU.

Kerouac reminds us that there’s more than just ‘so much to learn out there’, as so many say.  By saying “so much”, you infer a quantity, a set amount.  Knowledge is always immune to limit, number, anything set.


28 Sep

Always motivating and delivering me toward composition.


27 Sep

Let’s see what I can write and post in under five minutes, before driving, or speeding, to the winery.  In love, this morning.  With the morning itself.  I find it encouraging and revealing, wildly and robustly educating.  Don’t fight or reject the morning, PLEASE.  It’s there to be used as a tone-establisher for your day.  Why be nay when you can be yay, with the morning, or anything?  More and more, I see the classroom as a stark symbol for everything in our lives.  You make the class what you do, and do can be effectuated with every day.

Enjoy your day.  Demand from it.  Or rather, don’t demand, just direct it which way you want it to go.  I’m only now, at my old age, seeing it as that simple.




26 Sep

I’m doing nothing today, but enjoying everything around me— every situation I’m in, every person I talk to, every choice I make… noting everything as it happens and falling further in love with the day.


26 Sep

Presence is your priority.

Be present in ALL moments.

The moments are a stream to

Equilibrium, and Freedom.


26 Sep

Do everything yourself.  Yes, there are people in life you need, but to get everything you want all that’s needed is you, your Self, and the acceptance that you are everything you want and that everything you need and want, and wish over and over for, is entirely attainable, extending from your efforts.  But you need to put forth efforts, intense efforts, tireless effort.  Everything in your circumstance set is a reflection, extension, directive of your efforts.

Do.  All.  Yourself.


25 Sep

When it’s quiet,

be loud

in your head.