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Good morning!

28 Oct

Who’s already working?

Who’s written something?

Who’s more alive than the most alive of the creative-living?


27 Oct

Is always here.

Right there with you.

If you’re breathing you should be 



26 Oct

What did you do with your day?  Were you inspired?  If so, how?  Write down everything, as much as you can, even if you think someone might deem it insignificant, or if you initially dismiss it.  Don’t dismiss it.  That “it” is NOT significant.  It, is more than an “it”.

Weather like this, everything is clear, and not just the sky.  But your thinking, your observation and appreciation of what’s around you.  Include today and what you did after you left the classroom in your response below…

Now, each day is ideal.  We have our zen, we have County, our pages.  So write.  Tell your story.


26 Oct


Don’t say a thing.



25 Oct

There’s no block.  Not writer’s block, thought blocks, creative blocks, road blocks.  You are never blocked.  Your writing, thoughts, creative pulses will take you to all Roads.  Blocks are acknowledged.  That’s why they exist.  They don’t have to be acknowledged, they don’t have to exist.


24 Oct

Don’t see or say or sense ‘no’.

Who’s ready 

22 Oct

to return to our reality?

With tragedy there’s assured triumph…