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28 Nov

Reminding me what I have in life– Life. Only to be enjoyed, a tsunami of yay-saying yodels that provide a lens through which to understand moments more wholly, intimately. This morning with my babies did just that.


27 Nov

Success isn’t a fucking Road.

It’s a vehicle.

YOU, are the vehicle.

So, run all the red lights!!!!!!!

18:28…. Thanksgiving essentially over. 

24 Nov

In room at Inn with wife and babies.  Wife works, I work, babies watch some show on HGTV.  They actually seem quite interested, and it’s interesting to me how intrigued they are.  I’m sure they’d rather have cartoon, of course, but they make the best of what they have.  I keep saying this and it’s not hyperbole— I learn more from these little beats than I do anyone or anything, past or in Now.  This Thanksgiving, I’m thankful of course for them, my babies, but the reality that they teach me so much, and that I have a mind open to their instruction.

What are you thankful for?  What offers you instruction, gives you more perspective?  What beneficially shapes your character?  If you answered any of those questions, hold on to whatever the answers are.  Study the answers, what’s entailed in them.  Repeat, repeat… perpetuate love and grow with the dominant yay-says in your story.

Whatever you’re writing, incorporate you, your voice and perspective, your insights and interests.  If you don’t care, don’t expect your readers to care.  Like I suggested, create from what the controlling yay-says are.

Reasoning 2

22 Nov

Your way is always THE way.

Reasoning 1

22 Nov

When noticing certain drifts, evaluate your Place, and note where you want your eventual Place to take.

Week ‘Whatever’

21 Nov

If we roar and charge through these final weeks, we will be successful in ending it harmoniously.  We have to keep writing, take inventory of what we have to do versus what we’ve done.  Constantly count and collect data on yourself in this regard, as to where you are, and be HONEST in your self-assessments.  These are ideas that extend much, much beyond a classroom.

Be mindful of time, and always act as though you have none but know you have more than enough to bring projects to fruition.  And, I have to tell myself this often, don’t fall to distraction.  Distraction is goal-death.  So, be animal-like in these final weeks.

SO…. now what?


21 Nov

And be honest.