Plan, 1A Meeting:

9 Nov

Sedaris, Organic talk and exchange of thought… no prompts, no specific focus or directions, just us and thought.  (10min)

Typed reactions.  Which of the pieces we read was the strongest or most convincing, or most universal to you?  Either way, which one made you write, and why?  (10min general discussion, 7min with colleagues)

Readings from Sedaris.  Tell us about each word.  (10min)

Universality in these pieces. (10min)

In-class response, written in journal (not collected… 5min write, 5 min read)

Brain Break — What is your dream job?  Provide an argument… (8min)

Freewrite to photog… (10min, writing and open mic)

Final Project for class.  The strongest 8 pages you’ve ever written.

Questions, Ideas, Creative ideas and possible new directions… (10min)

Journal Checks…. (Class’ remainder…)

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