11 Nov

That’s what I’m thinking about, right now, getting to winery early but not clicking in— clocking in— taking a couple breaths to self-collect, see inventory of what I need today done.  We don’t have any time, none.  That needs to be our mind state and set thinking-way.  Time is like a wind that doesn’t stop, and if anything only angrily increases, intensifies.  So.. just keep going, don’t stop, and embrace when you folly and misstep.  That’s where you learn.  You ARE your best, most effective educator, so just keep with your current.

Cold outside, warm in here.  Can’t help but acknowledge contrasts all around me… morning, night… clouds, clear sky… poetry, prose…. sit, stand.  In apparent disparity there are gems, multiple gems, more than you’d ever expect there to be.  Keep looking, keep searching, ignore time but respectfully heed it at the same time.  No other way to do it.  Time’s always there, a ubiquitous serpent/gift-giver/sage/interrupter and empowering station.

Sitting at a table to the left of the left of the tasting room, a room where people from everywhere’s everywhere come to see where we live, how they think we live, experience wine yes but more than that.  Our experiences should be logged, so we can trap them and defy time, look back and reflect and introspect at dates later.  Am I encouraging everyone to write and dive into some journal-keeping and diarist practice?  Yes.  Quite bluntly and plainly, yes.  Just write singular words, if that’s what you suits.  It’s FOR you.  So you can trap your times and moment and self-teach.  Be enriched by you, as you are a character rich in thought, experience, and voice, song, meandering musings.

I have about 12 minutes left to self.  I can’t ignore the numbers and yet I can, I wholly can by just re-centering on the keys in front of me.  Thoughts last night while at dinner with wife, of all the people around me, all the noise and movement and conversations, date-nights or just some excuse to not cook, people were there, talking and looking around, taking pictures of each other or having others do it.  They wanted to capture and trap, hold onto that moment at Rosso Pizzeria.  We don’t want time to move, but it does.  Less minutes than when I started this letter, and paragraph.  Working on a Saturday and I don’t mind at all.  I’d rather be working, if you must know.  Yet another weapon against the clock— WORK.

The compare and contrast of working, not-working.  Easy.  It highlights life.  When you’re stationary, you’re existing, not living.  Working IS life.  It’s the circulation and systemic reminder that you have a life and it need be madly lived.  All of us ought be doughty.

Every.  Day.

To get what we want, to be at our ‘There’.

And another polarity, Here versus There.  If Here doesn’t appease you, then work harder to get There.

You don’t have surpluses of time.

Truly, you have NO time.

3 Responses to “Time. ”

  1. Majerle November 12, 2017 at 9:46 pm #

    I love this!
    Just finished football season last night so we’re officially clocked out for the year.
    But it’s not the end of the year so there still time to move forward strong. In school, family, faith, nothing really. Putting my all into what comes next. Work with all the time I’m given.

  2. Juls November 14, 2017 at 12:00 am #

    I feel like i have no time for anything. No time doe my kids, no time for my husband, and no time for myself, yet I give them all of my time. This NO time struggle is real.

  3. r1ss1 November 21, 2017 at 6:04 pm #

    Its funny that while people’s lives stop in there tracks time is the only thing that continues on and on. i feel like im running out of time with my bestfriend while at the same time i cant quite figure out how to manage it. fortunately i have always been able to figure out a way to make time for the things most important whether it be work or friends. ~marissa

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