7 Dec

Papers taking shape…. What do you see as a result of your work, your efforts?  In the composition process, especially with a paper like this, wrapping up the semester, we need be honest, objective.  Do NOT forget your voice, your opinion.  The point of this paper is that you construct an idea that came from you and that you built and explored, developed and manifested, made into a manuscript.

So…. What do you see taking shape?  What do you want us to walk away with?  And, yes to go backwards, why did you select this direction?  If you can answer that clearly, you’ve just added more dimension, dimensions, to your final paper.

One Response to “thought”

  1. Majerle Taugavau December 10, 2017 at 1:50 am #

    I chose my topic because it is what stood out to me the most this semester. It’s what has been moving and never stopping and because of that I want to keep moving and never stop. I’m enjoying my thoughts and my ideas and pushing to make it all layout on paper perfectly

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