Learn from everything, everything…

11 Dec

take notes, don’t stop and be tireless as you’re always stressing.  What the morning instructs.  Everything around me is for me.  Everything around you is for you.  For YOUR story and your pages.  Don’t think, don’t fear, just write, and don’t edit if you don’t wish to.  Keep in your written stride and tide.  Wending self to the pages, to your There… to where you envision your character— YOU.  This morning, oh how instructional and musical, and not just from Mr. Coltrane’s notes.  Everything in this office, getting to the winery as crazily early as I did.  Had to.  Didn’t stop at Starbucks, just came here and said to self, “I’m doing it.  Today.” What, exactly, I don’t know.  I’m here early, to write, which I often do.. but there’s something different to it, to this, to ME.  Something will materialize, more than what has already, from the jazz and the drive over here along Chalk Hill Road, me thinking about next year and all the goals for self— everything from a philosophy of simplification to finishing two books, or more, to traveling, to a photo journal, a photog’ project separate, to…. So much.

With the new year strolling toward us like a cocky champion, we need know our self better.  Test yourself with the new year, yes, but with all the day leading to.  Today, my test, to be out of character, to edit even less than I do.. to type madly 5000 words and not care but care more than I ever have…. Today, Monday, a day which so many fear and hate and talk about like it’s a toxin or inevitable assault, is my gem trove.  I only see elevation and illumination, Ralph Waldo Emerson’s lectures in the walls of this office, this folding desk, my coffee… Everything.  To be great, you need BE enthusiasm, an unusual epitome and example of it.  And ‘it’ is more than a mere ‘it’.  You.. the story… imagine being at the mountain’s summit far quicker than you anticipated…. Zen.  Poetry—  Rich and consuming quietude.  Oui.

This morning I’m also appreciating that everything is music.  The winemaker just now walking down those steel, loud stairs, to the sound of the vent going (which for some reason I think now pumps out cold air… Who the… would do that?), to Mr. Coltrane, to the Emerson thoughts, the coffee I need replenish, the zippers on my bag.  This morning is for ME.  Make YOUR morning yours, every morning.  Be in love with your Monday like it’s your truest and most ferocious of lovers.  Monday should never be loathed and those that do it deplore don’t understand the value of perspective.

Learn.  From everything.  This morning, and all.  Realizing the value and pervasive profit of Newness, a new week, in MONDAY, can only catapult you forward, to your There.  But, again, mind.  Your mind.  How you use it, and the lens you select.  Yay, versus nay.  It’s your turn to be the champion.  And, be a little cocky if you wish.

5 Responses to “Learn from everything, everything…”

  1. Majerle Taugavau December 12, 2017 at 1:22 am #

    i feel like this paper I’m doing is a good test to go through for me. Especially because its leading up to the new year. I’m trying my best to make it mine and stick to my story. I’m actually learning more of what I want to do with myself. How I can make myself better.Start new everyday. Don’t wait for the new year.

    • Jacquelyn December 14, 2017 at 9:10 pm #

      I love the idea of not waiting for the new year. I am going to incorperate some of this into my life!

  2. Juls December 12, 2017 at 5:51 am #

    I’ve always said “its my story and I am going to tell it”. Reading this made me think of how we dont control what happends in our lives but we do control the way we react. This Monday i feel blessed to have a family who loves me and a warm house to sleep in.

    • Catalina Aquino December 13, 2017 at 5:43 am #

      While writing the six page paper, I have to put myself first in the paper and as well in life. I want to show myself that all of this work towards the paper will better myself and my techniques. I’m thankful to have this opportunity to show who I am truthfully.

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