13 Dec

Started day with a thousand words on my teaching… my teaching “philosophy”, if I could call it that.  After meeting with students yesterday, and waking at just after 5 this morning, not being able to get back into any kind of sleep or dreams, I thought about me and teaching, how I feel more confident in that than in anything else.  No, I’m not leaving the wine industry.  But, I am putting more focus and form, more fervor into my lectures and teaching ideas, literature and looking at life as it’s your ever-ever-present educator.  Every moment is a standalone piece, as it’s my choice… My Life, MY Education, my elections.

09:23.  Have to clock in, soon.  Ugh… all good.  Forget ‘good’… all wonderful, all radiant and fiery, this morrow.  Learning that this is all mine, this day, yesterday and all of them.  High on Onus.  You should be, too…

One Response to “12/13/17”

  1. Stellaaà December 13, 2017 at 5:32 pm #

    Taught me a new word and I will be using it I am also high on “Onus” 🙂 Thanks !!!

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