Don’t have any time to write, collect. 

20 Dec

09:00, and, well, yeah.  That’s it.  Traffic at Kerouac’s school.. late getting out of hotel.  So much I want to get done, but…. Just use what I have.  This morning showing me that time is just a numbered waterfall.  One has to bring themselves to that togetherness, to that point of realization and concept.  But, that’s what I’m taught by this Wild Wednesday.

Tomorrow, last of last days in term.  Then, grading.  Going to test self and get final grade posted with more assiduous climb than I ever before have.

Took coffee from winemaking team, downstairs, in their break room as I often do but this time the pot is a smoldering caffeine dragon.  What did they do to it, I’m wondering.  Not just interns of principle strength but the temperature.  Literally, a dragon’s fire projection.

I can only look at the time, what I can’t get done but I’m here now and that’s what we have to focus on, wrap ourselves around… the current current.  You have time to write, you have time to get whatever done, done.  There needs to be a sharply loud understanding from you about your clock, what there is in front of you and how there’s always answer, solution, assembly.

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