When you don’t have a lot of time

28 Dec

to get something done, stressing over what little time you have is utterly poisonous.  Just write, work, create, do what you need to get to your There.  Anymore, I don’t think it beneficial to view anything as attainable or unattainable.  Everything we want is present.  So, if present, it’s already in a state of attainability.  So, whatever your aims are, charge at them.  If it’s getting an ‘A’ in the class, going to Harvard, starting your own business, having a year to travel… go.  Get There—  And the only way to make “There” your ‘Here’ is to disregard time, remaining or spent, and just act.  Move.  Sprint… your story is yours.  You are the writer, even if you’re not much a writer.  You are writing.  Delete nothing.  You can always revise later.

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