2018, Day 7

7 Jan

IMG_0466Listening to jazz, after a vineyard walk in this seductive, ghostly fog, I’m inspired to write but as well to restrain self, not let self just fly at the page.  Sometimes, you have to let the impetus simmer, stew.  Meditate, appreciate.  Yes, there is always time to work, but you will also benefit from letting the motivation cook.  Don’t move so fast, and when you do deem it right to move, then move with your artful and careless swiftness.

Someone once offer the idea to me, and in somewhat an instructional and condescending octave, that “less is better”.  My first proneness was to dismiss it.  But, now seeing, thinking after my walk, while out there in the phantasmic veil, I see his reasoning.  That he was, is, right.  Not in all cases, but enough to have my attention and enough for us all to try.

2018…. OUR year.  This semester approaching, all conventions will be shed.  We will all tell our stories, learn from our own narratives and those of those around us.  There’s always something to see, newly… in some new direction, visual pulse, reflectively.  Like Austen with her letters, I’m writing to the morning, to this breath, the moment itself.  The stage pushing me, daring me, daring US.  Our year.  One of elevation, no self-doubt… more music and poetry, expression… combatting time and how quick it passes us with how we use it.  Defeating time with time itself.  Write your musings.  The shorter, less words, the more healing, beneficial and optimal.

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