22 Jan

Realizing the moment I’m in, thinking,

oh, so, this is where a writer begins.

Water, but no… hydration through measurement and written

something of where I’m taken.

Intent, come out of a scuffle without a bruise or dent.

Not asking self anymore when, but rather just charge,

No desire barred, stay in the chair rather than just driving around

in a car which takes me to places predictable—

pattern despicable.  Rushing through old notes, did any

of them sell?  Nope.  So, new destiny to sow.

Up a rapid-shaped river row.  Use the hunger to my

advantage… no bandage, and no panic.

I’m a poet, banished, but I’m not concerned cuz that’s

why so much was learned.  Drove straight, then decided to

abruptly turn.  Another page turned, and

book churned… observe another curve from sky to dirt.

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