from this morning’s thousand…

27 Jan

We have to log everything, every action and motion, progress either back or forward into horizon, then examine. What are we doing… is that what we want to be doing?  How do we do it differently?  Better?  Log where you are, what you’re doing, and will that get you to your There?  To where you see yourself for the rest of your life.  We all want to be happy, and we all want to be free.  How do we achieve this?  There is a formula, and there’s not.  But, do know, there’ a certain perpetuation that will bring your liberty to your story more steadily and swiftly than other actions and habits.  Keep the pen moving… log… inventory and examine.

Whether a student in a class, or wanting a promotion at work, or start your own practice, or if you have a dream of traveling the world… log everything you do.. where you are and what you’re creating.  Yes, creative and creation is integral to it.  This morning, see everything differently, as something to utilize.  This morning, every morning, is foregleam, an invitation and fiery foresight into the day next, where you’re going.  Don’t dismiss any of it.

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