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Demand from yourself.

26 Feb

Demand a lot.

How I’m feeling right now.

25 Feb


Awake…. inspired…. and I will get what I want from the day.

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You should seek to

23 Feb

inspire you, to be the most YOU you’ve ever known.

inward jot

21 Feb

Keep moving forward.  And if you do step backwards a bit, or are forced backward somehow, see it as a forward.  Life is over before it’s adequately appreciated.  So, start appreciating.  Everything you do.  With all actuation there’s lesson, there’s education, there’s an expansion of self and vision.  Of everything.

Today’s been one of those days where I can’t stop writing, I can’t stop recording and trapping my thoughts and what I learn from what I see.  From the car accident on 101 this morning which nearly made my son and I late for his drop-off, to writing at home in peace for over two hours, to the English 5 class I just taught.  There’s no need to separate or categorize, with what I’ve today or ever written.  It’s all connected, it’s all part of the composition, part of the essay of your time here on Earth.

I learn from this, sitting here in the conference room, writing notes for the next class to musing in the idea of only moving forward.  That there is no defeat, there is no slow, there is no retraction if we don’t so wish.  Seeing everything as motion toward 12, as boon, a gem, a lesson, tireless and widely beneficial forward.



21 Feb

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20 Feb

drawing board.

So many ideas tonight,

20 Feb

I can’t barely temper my tenacity.

I wait till tomorrow.

And tomorrow, I variegate.