thought, this morning…

1 Feb

Starting early this morning, with son waking complaining of an ear ache.  I sat with him and thought nothing about work, but only him, the moment there with him on the couch.  This semester is teaching me that priorities are what punctuate existence, and make existence more of a life than a mere sequence set of existing.

This semester is teaching me that learning is the moment you’re in.  Every scenic ingredient around you, even the objects you only see as objects and just something in your mise en scène.  Rubbing eyes and yawning, as I am a bit tired, and still not feeling one hundred, but I have to keep moving, keep my motions motioned.

It’s too easy for us to give up, to just make some excuse not to push ourselves and get US closer to where we want to be.  Where we need to be.  To your There.  It’s not supposed to be easy, this semester reminds me.  Anything worth achieving, success that’s to be enjoyed, demands trial, a bit of struggle.  My son, too young for this mentality, but my hope for him is that he never has to hope, or wish, that he just brings himself to actuation.

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